& # 039; The touchstone of life & # 039; Fans pleased with Karan Singh Grover's entry in India, #WelcomeBackMrBajaj trend on Twitter

by Jeremy Spirogis
& # 039; The touchstone of life & # 039; Fans happy with Karan Singh Grover's entry in India, #WelcomeBackMrBajaj trend on Twitter

Ekta Kapoor's serial 'Kasauti Zindagi Ke' has had a totally brand new perspective. After the rift between Prerna and Anurag, yet again Mr. Bajaj ie Karan Singh Grover's entry. #WelcomeBackMrBajaj is trending on Twitter following this development. These times the tv show has additionally come-out forward within the competition for TRP. There are one interesting perspective within the serial.

There is of interest on Twitter in regards to the cooked serial of people. Users published reviews on the #WelcomeBackMrBajaj hashtag about if the next event will air. There isn’t any location for the joy regarding the followers on entry of Karan Singh Grover in 'Kasauti Zindagi Ke'.

Turn within the tv show

On the show, Anurag tries to kill Prerna and gets forced through Howrah Bridge. In such a scenario, Mr. Bajaj comes once more to save lots of Prerna's life. The entry for this superhero is very much indeed liked by the viewers.

Suspense one at a time

Recently, Anurag extends to understand followers and attempts to destroy their love Prerna. This scene surprised individuals. Many such fans have become interested in the serial when it comes to Climax.

Komolika left Sneha orphanage

Prerna and Anurag's child woman Sneha has actually kept the Komolika orphanage, as the various other huge surprise would be to understand followers that Sneha is within the orphanage by which it grabs fire. In such a scenario, Sneha's life will be threatened.

Will London aim for motivation?

After Mr. Bajaj's entry, issue is arising whether Prerna will today go back to London with Bajaj. In Tuesday's episode, it will likely be seen that Mr. Bajaj requires Inspiration to attend London for Cookie.

Why performed Anurag kill Prerna?

The audience marvels why Anurag attempted to destroy Prerna. Actually, as a result of tips of Anurag's mother and Komolika, she’s believing that Prerna is cheating on the and Sneha just isn’t her but Mr. Bajaj's son or daughter.

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