5 Twilight Questions I'm Still Wondering About

by Jeremy Spirogis
5 Twilight Questions I'm Still Wondering About

Honorable Mention Questions

Here are a few issues that did not fairly make the reduce for one cause or one other:

-School nitpick: Is there just one instructor at Forks’ highschool? Shout out to Mr. Molina (performed by Jose Zuniga) and his golden onion.

-Mom nitpick: Why is Bella’s Mom someplace bizarre each time she calls her daughter? (At the mechanics, her husband’s baseball observe, and so on.) 

-I’ve additionally been questioning the way it solely took one fast chunk for James to ship Bella headed towards vampire-land, however Edward spent what seems like a full minute sucking on Bella’s arm and he would not flip her? I’m going to chalk that as much as some rationalization from the guide that I’m forgetting, or perhaps the turning course of solely occurs with the primary chunk.

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