7 Times Anakin Skywalker’s Dark Side Came Out in ‘The Clone Wars’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Anakin Skywalker during his vision of the future while on Mortis in Season 3 of

By now, there are in all probability only a few people who exist on the earth who don’t already know Anakin Skywalker turns into Darth Vader. If you’re certainly one of them, we ship our deepest apologies for spoiling that large whopper of a reveal. But, for those who do know, it’s additionally apparent that The Clone Wars does an awesome job of foreshadowing his flip to the Dark Side. 

In preparation for the ultimate season premiering on Feb. 21, right here’s a rundown of main moments the place Anakin’s Dark Side got here by means of. And, unsurprisingly, it occurs quite a bit. 

Anakin Skywalker during his vision of the future while on Mortis in Season 3 of 'The Clone Wars.'
Anakin Skywalker throughout his imaginative and prescient of the longer term whereas on Mortis in Season Three of ‘The Clone Wars’ | Lucasfilm

1. Anakin completely bludgeons Poggle the Lesser in Season 2

In Season 2, Episode 8 “Brain Invaders,” Anakin’s Padawan Ahsoka and one other Jedi pupil, Barriss Offee, are trapped on a ship infested with mind-controlling Geonosian worms. Anakin is already very connected to his Padawan and is determined to assist and shield her, regardless that he’s not on the vessel. Poggle the Lesser, the Geonosian chief they’ve in custody, is aware of how one can defeat the worms, however received’t inform Anakin. That is till Anakin brutally beats him. While that is very early on within the collection, that unbridled anger in Anakin could be very seen. 

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2. The imaginative and prescient the Son provides Anakin on Mortis

The Mortis arc is the epitome of The Clone Wars’ superb writing. It reveals historical Force powers and beings which are important in Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Anakin’s fates. The Son, who represents the Dark Side, reveals Anakin a imaginative and prescient of his tragic future (aka, mainly all the pieces that occurs in Revenge of the Sith). Later on, the reminiscence is erased from Anakin which is why Episode III nonetheless occurs however this scene and arc present the inevitable future. 

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3. The Zygerrian slavers reminded Anakin of his horrible previous

Anakin completely hates slavers, as everybody ought to, however he clearly has an unlucky private connection to the commerce. So it’s no shock that when he, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka are introduced in to rescue a ton of Togruta that have been taken into slavery, Anakin is able to reduce any individual’s head off. Just listening to his vicious, “Zygerrian scum” makes the pores and skin crawl. It even will get the eye of Ahsoka, who guarantees to control him as a result of he’s so bent up over the state of affairs. 

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4. Anakin’s devastation and rage at Obi-Wan’s “death”

The arc in Season Four the place Obi-Wan fakes his personal dying to go undercover as bounty hunter Rako Hardeen has loads of Dark Anakin moments to choose from. Losing his finest friend and brother, Anakin solely needs revenge which isn’t the Jedi method. So he sticks to discovering Rako Hardeen, who he thinks killed Obi-Wan, when actually it’s Obi-Wan. The scene the place he beats him up reveals the fad that results in the Sith.

Also, this isn’t the primary or final time on this listing that Anakin Force chokes somebody. Just a heads up that Force choking isn’t a tactic utilized by Jedi, for clearly brutal causes. The proven fact that Anakin frequented the maneuver can be an indication of his Dark Side tendencies. 

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5. Anakin’s battle with Ventress

The arc about Ahsoka being framed for bombing a Jedi Temple in Season 5 additionally reveals loads of Anakin’s anger and hatred. But one battle specifically that showcases it’s with Ventress. She’s one of many final folks to speak to Ahsoka and even works alongside her, so he goes on the lookout for solutions. She’s probably not a match with out her lightsabers, however Anakin doesn’t take it any simpler on her. He doesn’t even simply Force choke her, however does it together with his personal arms. 

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6. Anakin’s intense anger throughout Ahsoka’s trial

Going again to Ahsoka’s trial, this is among the occasions you possibly can actually see Anakin’s frustration and disillusionment with the Jedi Council. He can see that the Council made up their minds even earlier than she pled her case, and he or she was banned anyway. This entire debacle is part of his flip to the Dark Side, and one scene that basically reveals Anakin’s anger (but once more) is when he can’t get into the cell to go to Ahsoka. Imagine being on the opposite finish of that dying stare? No thanks.

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7. Nearly killing Clovis in Season 6

Last on this listing is the ultimate arc about Clovis, in Season 6’s Lost Missions season. Clovis has at all times been a sore spot for Anakin as a result of he was as soon as shut with Padmé when he was a senator within the Republic. He’s since confirmed he’s a mendacity traitor, which is one more reason why Anakin doesn’t belief him. In Season 6, Clovis and Padmé need to work carefully collectively, and Anakin walks in on Clovis forcing a kiss on his spouse. He loses management and practically kills the person together with his naked arms. Padmé tells Anakin in a while that they need to take a break as a result of she’s not comfortable. This is a significant low level for Skywalker. 

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There are different nuanced moments all through The Clone Wars the place Anakin’s Dark Side comes out. Loads of it has to do with the suppression of his intense feelings and the Jedi Council’s mistrust in him. The ultimate season will present the concluding hyperlink to Revenge of the Sith, so this isn’t the final we’ll see of Anakin’s flip.

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