’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Praise Avery Warner for Keeping it Real

by Jeremy Spirogis
Ash and Avery

90 Day Fiancé couple Avery Warner and Ash Naeck won’t be collectively any longer, but it surely’s clear that the 2 share a mutual respect and friendship. While Naeck and Warner could have butted heads on the present, the 2 have proven assist for each other. In reality, Naeck not too long ago defended Warner on Instagram within the wake of accusations made in opposition to her parenting skills. What’s extra, Warner appeared to maintain her cool when she and Naeck obtained into arguments, and followers are actually praising the truth star for being actual. 

Ash Naeck and Avery Warner had an explosive battle

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After Avery Warner attended Ash Naeck’s relationship teaching seminar, the 90 Day Fiancé couple wound up butting heads. Warner felt as if a few of Naeck’s viewpoints concerning women and men have been outdated and sexist. 

Naeck, in the meantime, gave the impression to be nursing wounded pleasure as a result of the seminar, which didn’t go effectively. Naeck appeared to really feel as if Warner was belittling him. 

Naeck requested her, “Do I take care of you? Do I make you feel safe? Do I actually make you feel like a woman? Do I make you happy?”

“Yes, but you have to recognize that I’m thinking about moving you all the way to America. But every time I start to try and ask you hard questions, this is how you respond. … Yeah, this whole time we’ve been super happy because all I’ve been doing is avoiding those hard questions. I’m asking you questions about who you are, how you act, what you think. I’m trying to get to know you and then you come at me the way that you’re responding,” replied Warner.

Eventually, Naeck snapped and tried to depart the argument by hopping into his automotive. A producer stepped in and calmed Naeck down.

Ash Naeck defends his ‘90 Day Fiancé’ co-star

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Reading the 10 truths about Avery written by her ex husband, it’s laborious to sit down on the facet line and never voice myself. I don’t know the ex husband however I do know Avery and I’ve seen her care, love, assist and battle for her children. The 10 apparently reality are 100% questionable which can be taken as a type of defamation in the direction of a public determine. I’ve been with Avery for near 16 months, on FaceTime and telephone calls as much as 3-Four occasions a day and hung out along with her and was fortunate to spend time with Sylver, her beautiful little daughter in Seattle. I can share that she is an impressive mum, acutely aware, caring all the time placing her baby first. Avery goes out of her strategy to make certain Sylver is seen, heard and beloved and the way in which she mother and father her daughter is gorgeous to observe. The quantity of affection she offers Sylver is past this world. In regards to the eldest daughter I can a-test that she strikes heaven and earth to see her. For Xmas, Avery saved her to purchase her eldest daughter cool enjoyable tech devices and a laptop computer if I keep in mind effectively. For her birthday Avery purchased her a self balancing scooters. She travels Four hours (1 means) each 3,Four weeks to see her eldest daughter. Avery expressed with me that she would do something to see her extra however If I’m not mistaken she is allowed to see her solely on specified occasions. I’ve additionally skilled events the place the ex-husband didn’t let her see or discuss to the eldest daughter. She additionally pays a big quantity (for a single mum) on a month-to-month foundation to the ex. Avery is as a single father or mother an exemplary mum, loving, supportive and with the most important coronary heart. I’ve no good points on this as it’s no secret that we aren’t collectively after the data leak and the 100s of DMs I obtain each day across the matter. But I’ve seen the lady deal with her family members and he or she is a mama bear who will give her stay to guard her daughters interval. Ps: for all of the haters who goes round saying she is a useless beat mum, it is advisable to bend down, peek at urself within the mirror and burst a cap in ur personal ass. She by no means has weed round her daughter interval. Avery could suck in an intimate relationship however she is a gem of a mum

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While Ash Naeck and Avery Warner could not have labored out as a pair, it appears the 2 nonetheless have every others’ backs as buddies. At the very least, they present respect for each other. 

Recently, Avery Warner confronted rumors and assaults in opposition to her parenting on Instagram. Ash Naeck took to social media to defend Warner. 

In a prolonged post, Naeck wrote partly, “Reading the 10 truths about Avery written by her ex husband, it is hard to sit on the side line and not voice myself. I don’t know the ex husband but I know Avery and I have seen her care, love, support and fight for her kids. The 10 apparently truth are 100% questionable which may be taken as a form of defamation towards a public figure [sic].”

Naeck added, “I can share that she is an outstanding mum, conscious, caring always putting her little one first. Avery goes out of her way to make sure Sylver is seen, heard and loved and the way she parents her daughter is beautiful to watch. The amount of love she gives Sylver is beyond this world.”

‘90 Day Fiancé’ followers love Avery Warner

Ash Naeck and Avery Warner of 90 Day Fiancé
Ash Naeck and Avery Warner of 90 Day Fiancé | averydopecook through Instagram

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiancé followers appear to be loving Avery Warner for who she is. One Redditor specifically felt compelled to elucidate why they recognize Warner a lot. 

They wrote, partly, “Avery initially came off as a very typical try hard hipster. One of the ‘I’m Not Like Other Girls’ girl. But I am impressed by the maturity, thoughtfulness, calm demeanor, and analytical skills she has shown of late. She is so much smarter and rational than other Americans on this show. She didn’t blindly trash the ex like so many Americans and instead was respectful and sensitive to Sian and Taj’s needs. She didn’t flip out on Ash when she didn’t get her way and instead calmly explained why she doesn’t trust him.”

Another consumer added, “I keep seeing comments about how ‘harsh’ she was with Ash, but it’s always seemed a little damned if you do, damned if you don’t to me. If she just pretended everything he said was OK, she’d get slammed for ignoring red flags. And if she doesn’t push him to give a real answer, he just spews the endless ‘your call is important to us’ babble, if not outright lies (such as his claims about his ex-wife and Taj).”

“Couldn’t agree more. I like the show for its drama, but it’s refreshing to see a healthy mindset for relationships molded for us in this dumpster fire,” opined one other consumer.

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