’90 Day Fiance’: Michael Jessen Shoves Juliana Custodio While Scolding Instagram Audience

by Jeremy Spirogis
’90 Day Fiance’: Michael Jessen Shoves Juliana Custodio While Scolding Instagram Audience

90 Day Fiancé couple Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio happen getting some blended responses from followers. While many fans appear to enjoy Jessen’s ex-wife, Sarah, in addition to their two young ones, CeCe and Max, there may be others who’ve been skeptical of their commitment with Juliana Custodio. 

The two have actually rather a sizable difference between age, which includes raised eyebrows for people. Additionally, Michael Jessen is lashing aside at followers and TLC alike lately — he’sn’t pleased with exactly how TLC features modified the tv show, and then he appears to be significantly thin-skinned with regards to fan negativity. This had been particularly obvious during certainly one of Jessen’s recent Instagram everyday lives featuring Juliana Custodio.

Michael Jessen doesn’t similar to this remark

Juliana Custodio is doing lots of dance recently. Michael Jessen will sporadically get go on Instagram, and share movies of their 23-year-old Brazilian partner dancing or communicating with the market. 

However, as it is usually the instance on Instagram, there’s constantly several haters hiding into the market. And even though many users make an effort to simply clean all of them down, this indicates as though this time around, Michael Jessen had achieved their restriction. While Juliana told the digital camera that she frequently does not see the numerous reviews, Jessen made a decision to just take over. 

One user penned, “I think you have to be 13 on Instagram. Are you old enough?” 

Jessen responded, “Oh wow Pierre….good one….haven’t heard that 1000 times….have a good 2020 [sic].” 

Michael gets control of, pushes Juliana away from view

The 90 Day Fiancé star then swapped the digital camera view from Juliana to their own face, and stated, “Hold on, pause that. You know what, to all of you, honestly. It’s a new year, it’s 2020, and those of you that are just saying silly things, I feel for you, and those of you that are saying nice things, that’s what we’re trying to share this for –”

Michael slashed himself down for a minute so that you can shove Juliana’s forehead out from the movie whenever she attempted to include by herself. No comment, simply an instant swat to press her out from the framework. Classy. 

“You know what, we’re signing off, and for those of you that love and support, we love and support you, and have a wonderful 2020. For those of you that are alone and feeling ashamed and guilty that you have such a miserable life and no friends and all you can do right now is say nasty, stupid things about Juliana and I, I’m sorry for you.”

Fans react to Michael Jessen’s behavior

A 90 Day Fiancé fan published a recording of this real time movie to a subreddit focused on the tv show. Fans were quick to rip into Michael Jessen for their behavior, particularly towards Juliana Custodio. 

One user penned, “I had to rewatch slowly to make sure it wasn’t a dog that he was swatting away. Sure enough, it’s his beloved wife. Nothing says ‘love’ like a forceful palm to the face.”

Another Redditor commented with, “I’ve seen several of her lives where he acts like she’s an annoying teenage daughter getting in his grumpy a** face.”

“I hadn’t seen this part of their ridiculously long New Years video. Michael is a real piece of work. How could you think showing off your very young looking wife awkwardly shaking her butt while you creepily lounge back and say yeah baby go girl all while looking like you have to poop would go over well?” asked another commenter.

“He acts so damned young…talking like a teenager ‘those of you who have no life blah blah blah…,’ does it show a mature, healthy life and relationship to show your wife twerking for the world to see? He is such a creep,” opined one Redditor. 

It appears as though people aren’t specifically impressed by Michael Jessen today.

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