’90 Day Fiancé’: What Advice Did Sarah Jessen Give Juliana Custodio About Her Ex-Husband?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Sarah Jessen

Since the beginning of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé Season 7, followers have already been surprised because of the unconventional commitment between Juliana Custodio along with her spouse Michael Jessen’s ex-wife, Sarah Jessen.

The almost 20-year age distinction between 23-year-old Brazilian design Juliana and 42-year-old Michael, a Connecticut-based wine business owner and divorced father of two young ones, instantly increased some eyebrows. But it rapidly became obvious that Juliana and Michael undoubtedly taken care of each other and understood one another fine.

It additionally became obvious that Juliana and Sarah didn’t have the envy and animosity one might anticipate from an ex-wife and 2nd spouse. In reality, regarding the Jan. 12 90 Day Fiancé event, “Choose Me,” the 2 females headed on collectively for Juliana’s wedding gown fitting…and Sarah also provided some guidance to Juliana about dealing with her ex-husband.

Sarah Jessen
Sarah Jessen | Sarah Jessen via Instagram

Sarah informed Juliana to help keep her money split from Michael’s

On “Choose Me,” Juliana excitedly shared that she had been going with Sarah to obtain her bridal dress modified. 

And after opening to Sarah about her difficult record, including an arranged marriage to a managing older guy back Brazil being trafficked as a new design, Juliana also said she hoped in order to become as near that you can together with her fiance’s ex-wife. “I want to be friends. Her best friend,” the 90 Day Fiancé celebrity stated.

On the best way to the fitted, Sarah expected Juliana, “Are you nervous about the ceremony or actually getting married?” 

“Both,” Juliana admitted. 

That’s whenever Sarah provided Michael’s fiancee a sign about making her relationship work. “I think that Michael has a really good heart,” Sarah started. “But you will work, and when you do, don’t just hand your money to him. I made that mistake.”

Michael’s ex-wife explained that she had merely provided her ex her paycheck related to while he saw fit, and therefore it developed an “imbalance of power” inside their relationship right from the start. Instead, she advised Juliana play a dynamic part in dealing with the funds. 

The ‘90 Day Fiancé’ movie stars discussed Juliana’s energy over Michael and vice versa

Next, Sarah expected Juliana a much more personal concern. “Do you feel like he has more power over you than you have over him?” she inquired. 

Juliana beamed as she responded, “He think he have, and I let him think that he have.” The two females high fived over their particular provided experiences with Michael. 

Finally, Sarah recommended Juliana to keep in mind that she wasn’t the “house servant.” Juliana concurred, outlining that she’d currently informed her fiance she wasn’t always likely to be the main one to prepare and clean.

“He make a little drama in the beginning, like, ‘I’m so busy,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, so busy playing guitar,’” the 90 Day Fiancé star joked. 

Juliana stated she understood she had been marrying the passion for her life

At the seamstress, Juliana attempted on the spectacular bridal dress. Sarah raved over her ex’s fiancee, gushing, “Mike is gonna be weeping. It’s perfect.”

The 90 Day Fiancé movie stars provided a bonding moment as Juliana uncovered that she’d never really enjoyed any guy but him. “I’m marrying someone I love for the first time,” she stated.

“And I know he loves you,” Sarah responded with rips in her own eyes.

Still, the youthful design confessed that she had been stressed as a result of her past relationship. “After my wedding day, my ex-husband turn into completely different person,” Juliana accepted, including that she had been frightened it might happen yet again. She included, “I know I’m marrying the man I love, and I’m trying to focus only on that.”

Sarah welcomed her ex’s fiancee to the family members warmly, using her fingers and saying, “Don’t be nervous. You’re part of a big family now.”

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