A Classic Piece of Thor’s Marvel Costume Was Tragically Underused, Fans Complain

by Jeremy Spirogis
Chris Hemsworth

Marvel followers love comedian books and films for a lot of causes–the gripping tales of fine versus evil, the thrilling motion of heroes combating villains, and cliffhangers that hold us coming again for extra.

Another large draw is the unbelievable art work, together with the units and costume designs. Many of the heroes undergo a number of costumes throughout their time within the each the comics and the flicks. 

Thor’s costumes change consistently, however there’s one iconic component that was nearly at all times part of the comics. That component is lacking from the MCU, and followers aren’t too joyful about it. 

The many costumes of Thor

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth | Don Arnold/WireImage

Thor’s wardrobe has gone by way of fairly a couple of adjustments all through the comics and movies. It all began with Thor’s first comedian e book look. The traditional Thor costume, designed by Jack Kirby within the 1960s, boasted vibrant, main colours–crimson, blue, and yellow–together with black trim to make all of it stand out. The winged helmet sitting atop Thor’s flowing golden locks is an iconic a part of the unique costume. 

In Thor (1966) #433, that iconic helmet received a little bit of an improve. When Eric Masterson turned the brand new “human” Thor, he caught pretty intently to the normal costume, minus the brighter blue tones. However, he prolonged the helmet right into a masks that coated his eyes and nostril. 

Thor (1966) #502 had what many agree is his strangest costume but. Not solely are his locks actually flowing (the man critically appears to be like like he ought to be in a shampoo advert), he’s rocking a crop high, a large crimson belt, and tremendous strappy gloves. 

When Odin died and Thor took his place as ruler, he had a noticeable costume change. The God of Thunder upgraded to blue chain mail, fur fringe across the neck of his cape, and an extravagant golden helmet. His costume underwent one other drastic change in Thor (2007) #1, when brighter colours had been changed by a muted silver and his helmet extra intently resembled the unique. 

Bringing the costumes to the large display

Just as Thor’s costumes went by way of many adjustments within the comics, in addition they went by way of a couple of adjustments within the MCU. In 2011, Chris Hemsworth introduced Thor to life on the large display. Thor’s first costume within the MCU wasn’t fairly as vibrant as the unique within the comics, but it surely had an identical design that includes a crimson cape and the chest circles. The greatest distinction in addition to the muted colours was the addition of sleeves. 

In 2012, Thor sports activities the identical costume for a lot of The Avengers. However, we see him in one thing barely completely different when he’s behind the scenes at S.H.I.E.L.D.–a sleeveless tunic coated with a silver metallic design. 2013’s Thor: The Dark World makes use of just about the identical costume, aside from the addition of an superior brown cloak. 

In 2015, Thor’s Age of Ultron costume most intently resembles Kirby’s design. It has the traditional crimson cape and sleeveless design. 2017 featured Thor’s gladiator look in Ragnarok, whereas 2018 discovered him beginning Infinity War with a black swimsuit, crimson cape, and a killer eye patch (although he loses the attention patch when he will get his eye again later within the movie). 

An iconic a part of Thor’s costume is lacking from the MCU

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Although Thor’s costumes within the movies have been actually cool, they’ve additionally been lacking one key component–his winged helmet. Fans caught a glimpse of the helmet early on within the first Thor movie, throughout his coronation. That’s the final time he wears it, and plenty of followers are puzzling over the absence of such an iconic piece of his costume. 

A Reddit thread discusses followers’ disappointment over the lacking helmet. One Redditor says “I remember how he is wearing this helmet at his coronation and then the Frost Giants interrupt everything and that was the last of it. I liked it, does anyone else wish he had it in at least one other movie?” Some followers observed an identical helmet, however not the identical one, in Ragnarok “Closest was when he wore a special helmet within the area battle in Ragnarok.

Rumor has it that the helmet was ditched as a result of it was uncomfortable to put on and posed an harm threat to Hemsworth and his co-stars. “Hemsworth and other actors were injured due to the helmet either falling off or hitting them so, studio deemed safety first.”

Although this looks as if an appropriate rationalization, different followers observed that Loki wore his helmet fairly a bit through the movies. “What bugs me about that is that Loki rocks the helmet in all of his action scenes in The Avengers and most in the Thor movies. I think Hemsworth should try harder.” They really feel that possibly Hemsworth merely didn’t just like the helmet, and gave up too rapidly. 

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