A List of Halsey’s Most Compelling Lyrics in ‘Manic’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Halsey Manic

Halsey launched her latest album Manic on Jan. 17, 2020. Her third studio album has achieved essential acclaim. Halsey’s Manic can also be beloved by followers for its heartfelt lyrics detailing the singer’s life. These are essentially the most compelling lyrics from Manic.

Halsey Manic
Halsey | Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank through Getty Images

4. ‘The warning signs can feel like they’re butterflies’

“Graveyard” is the second single launched from Manic. The emotional tune is about happening a darkish street because of a relationship whereas ignoring the entire warning indicators. The easy lyric “The warning signs can feel like they’re butterflies” completely sums up the message of the tune.

On the Capital Evening Show, Halsey defined how the lyrics for “Graveyard” got here to be. As Halsey was going by way of a breakup, she talked to her mother about it.

“‘I just don’t understand how I could have been so stupid, we were so in love, he gave me butterflies,’” Halsey mentioned to her mother.

Halsey’s mother advised her, “‘That was your first mistake. You should be with the person that makes you feel safe and makes you feel comfortable, like you don’t have to fight for their attention.’”

3. ‘Used to assume that loving /
Meant a painful chase’

While “Graveyard” is a couple of doomed relationship, “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” is a love tune. Yet the tune nonetheless references Halsey’s previous with the lyric “Used to think that loving / Meant a painful chase.”

This line pertains to what Halsey’s mother advised her about how she shouldn’t should “fight” for somebody’s consideration. The lyric is adopted with “But you’re right here now / And I think you’ll stay.” This indicators that Halsey believed she discovered an individual who wouldn’t make her chase them.

2. ‘And would you know it right away / How hard I tried to see your face?’

“More” is kind of presumably essentially the most heart-wrenching tune on Manic, and particulars Halsey’s hope to have kids sooner or later.

When Manic got here out, Halsey advised Apple Music the historical past behind the tune:

“I’ve been really open about my struggles with reproductive health, about wanting to freeze my eggs and having endometriosis and things like that. For a long time, I didn’t think that having a family was something I was going to be able to do, and it’s very, very important to me. Then one day my OB-GYN tells me it’s looking like I maybe can, and I was so moved. It felt like this ascension into a different kind of womanhood. All of a sudden, everything is different. I’m not going to go tour myself to death because I have nothing else to do and I’m overcompensating for not being able to have this other thing that I really want. Now, I have a choice. I’ve never had a choice before. Lido and I built the fading instrumental at the end of the song to sound like a sonogram, like you were hearing the sounds from inside a womb. It’s one of the most special songs I’ve ever made.”

1. The entirety of ‘929’

While “More” is an extremely unhappy and hopeful tune, “929” is essentially the most private. The tune is the final on Manic, and with “929” Halsey provides listeners an introspective stroll by way of of her whole life. At the discharge celebration for Manic, Halsey described the tune as “uncensored.”

“This is probably the most uncensored song I have ever written in my life, so I’m happy to play it for you guys tonight,” she mentioned.

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