A Look at The Bold and the Beautiful’s Courtney Hope and General Hospital’s Chad Duell’s Life Together at Home

by Jeremy Spirogis
Chad Duell and Courtney Hope

Courtney Hope from The Bold and the Beautiful and Chad Duell from General Hospital have been collectively a bit over 4 years. They’re at present sheltering in place of their California dwelling, a bit slice of consolation amid all the pieces that’s at present occurring.

Chad Duell and Courtney Hope
Chad Duell and Courtney Hope | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

How Courtney Hope and Chad Duell adorned their dwelling

Last 12 months, Hope and Duell informed Soaps In Depth what it’s actually like on the “Dope” dwelling.

The couple says they beautify with their spirituality in thoughts.

“God — and spirituality in general — is a huge part of our life,” stated Hope. “We keep that in the forefront of how we live, so we like reminders of that around the house.”

Along with their faith-based decorations, Hope and Duell like to brighten with nostalgic tidbits from their childhoods.

“Chad and I are both big nerds, and we like nostalgic things that remind us of being kids,” stated Hope. “Neither of us can be too serious.” One shelf, specifically, is roofed with Harry Potter merchandise.

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The couple’s dwelling can be full of instruments to assist them sustain with their passions. Duell gave Hope a reformer machine for her birthday one 12 months so she may proceed together with her licensed pilates teacher observe.

“It’s so I can keep up with my certification and not forget what I’ve learned,” she stated. “And I can also train him. So we all win!” 

Duell and Hope even have their guitars on show, however the actress admits they don’t play them fairly often.

“I’ve taken so many lessons, but I just can’t get the strumming down!” she stated, including that her boyfriend’s guitar doesn’t get a lot use both. “But both guitars look really cool in the house!”

In the bed room, there’s a Texas flag above the mattress.

“I’m such a Texas girl,” stated Hope. “Even though California is my home now, I’m proud of where I grew up.”

Nearby, there’s an indication that reads: “WAKE UP. KICK A*S. REPEAT.”

“My brother got that for me for Christmas two years ago, and I just fell in love with it.”

Courtney Hope and Chad Duell’s yard

Duell and Hope love spending time of their yard with their canine.

“We put in a fire pit about a year and a half ago, and I love sitting out there at night, because we can see the stars,” stated Hope. “It’s a great backyard, and it’s especially nice for our dogs.”

Visitors may additionally discover a semi-frightening boxing dummy within the couple’s yard. Hope gave Duell the dummy as a present just a few years again.

“We laugh because it’s right outside our window and it sometimes scares people!” she stated. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten startled by him.” 

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