A New MCU Fan Theory Could Explain Why Hulk Saved Tony within the First ‘Avengers’ Movie

by Jeremy Spirogis
Mark Ruffalo speaks onstage

What does a Marvel fan do after they’re confined to their dwelling? They discover a handy cause to go to their previous MCU favorites once more, together with the unique Avengers film. Then they ask questions they hadn’t considered earlier than about sure scenes. 

One of probably the most dramatic moments in that film is when Iron Man is about to fall from a fantastic peak. He appears doomed till the Hulk springs into motion and catches Tony. Granted, Tony obtained a heck of a case of PTSD from the entire affair, however he was alive and lived to struggle on for a number of extra films. Still, why?

How a lot does the Hulk perceive when he’s Bruce?

Mark Ruffalo speaks onstage
Mark Ruffalo | Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

One of the important thing mysteries of the Hulk character is simply how a lot Bruce Banner remembers of what occurs when he’s the hulk. There are a number of variations and colours of the Hulk within the comics, however for the reason that topic is the one within the MCU, it’s best to concentrate on the traditional inexperienced Hulk, or what some followers name the “savage” hulk. 

In this model of the Hulk, his recollections of what he does because the Hulk are foggy at finest when he turns again right into a human. The primary thought is that the Hulk is the unleashed id of Bruce Banner, the man-child who throws suits when somebody makes him very offended. But as a result of Bruce Banner is mainly good, the Hulk can be mainly good. 

On Quora, somebody requested why the Hulk is dumb when Bruce Banner is so good. One of the solutions stated, “Hulk isn’t really dumb. He’s simple and childlike (and constantly in the midst of a temper tantrum) and doesn’t know tons of science/smart person stuff, but he’s not lacking for brainpower, though it mostly only shows itself in Hulk’s awe-inspiring precision.”

Why do followers suppose Hulk saved Tony?

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In the MCU, the logic appears to be a bit extra advanced. A subject-starter on Reddit, referring to Hulk saving Tony, requested, referred to this dialog between Tony and Bruce in The Avengers: 

Tony: Hey, I learn all about your accident. That a lot gamma radiation ought to have killed you.

Bruce: So you’re saying that the Hulk… The different man saved my life? That’s good. It’s a pleasant sentiment. Saved it for what?

Tony: I suppose we’ll discover out.

Bruce: You might not get pleasure from that

Tony: And you simply may.

The fan elaborated, I believe Hulk was listening to this dialog and felt that Tony understands him and is price saving.”

Fans agreed, with one saying, “You’re 100% correct. Joss Whedon talks about this in the directors commentary. Hulk catching Tony was the pay off to their conversation.”

Still one other fan stated possibly they had been all pondering an excessive amount of, posting, “Personally, I don’t really feel like there’s a deep meaning behind it. Hulk recognized the other Avengers as his allies, and since he’s used to everyone hating him, he was probably keen to hold onto that. But that’s just me.”

What’s the way forward for the Hulk within the MCU?

It’s not recognized precisely the place the Hulk suits into the long run Marvel cinematic universe. He doesn’t appear to suit into any of the flicks of the introduced film lineup, besides possibly Thor: Love and Thunder, as a result of Hulk and Thor teamed up in Thor: Ragnarok

There have been unconfirmed reviews that Ruffalo is in talks to make an look within the She-Hulk present slated for Disney+.

There has additionally been controversy amongst followers about whether or not Ruffalo ought to proceed to be “Professor Hulk,” the model seen in Endgame with the Hulk’s physique however Banner’s thoughts. Even one of many TV Hulks, Lou Ferrigno, didn’t take care of the Hulk speaking intelligently. Whatever type he takes, Ruffalo want to proceed. 

According to Cinemablend, Ruffalo stated final 12 months, “Kevin Feige just asked me last week if I had any more ideas or stories for the Hulk. And I said yeah, I think there’s still some stories to tell. And he said, ‘Well why don’t you come in and tell me about them and we’ll see if we can find a place for you in the Marvel universe?’”

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