A Quiet Place 2: 5 Questions We Have After The First Trailer

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Quiet Place 2 Trailer

Paramount Pictures’ launch of the Quiet Place 2 trailer began the yr with a loud whisper. The trailer for the second film has motion, suspense, and speaking—making us much more excited for The Quiet Place 2. Once once more, below John Krasinski’s path, we’re anxious to see what occurs to the Abbott household. He places the household by hell throughout The Quiet Place, so we will solely think about what unfolds in The Quiet Place 2.

John Krasinski and group left many unanswered questions by the tip of A Quiet Place, and the Quiet Place 2 trailer simply gave us extra questions. Now let’s take a deep dive into the mysteries of the Quiet Place 2 trailer, which took us on an adrenaline-filled, can’t-catch-your-breath, heart-beating-too-fast experience.

Emily Blunt driving in A Quiet Place 2

How Much of The Quiet Place 2 Takes Place In The Past?

The Quiet Place 2 trailer makes it clear that the sequel flashes again to the day all of it started. We witness it first by Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Marcus (Noah Jupe), Regan (Millicent Simmonds), and Beau (Cade Woodward )’s views. We watch Evelyn casually driving with the kids, whereas many individuals run and scream, however then they see the monster and Evelyn turns into a much less cautious driver. The household then tries to navigate their method out of the insanity whereas additionally looking for Lee (John Krasinski).

Clearly, we all know that all of them handle to flee the insane ordeal, no less than till day 89, however others people aren’t so fortunate and it seems Cillian Murphy’s character’s household is perhaps among the many unlucky victims. Based on how issues seem in The Quiet Place 2 trailer, it looks as if we’ll find out how Cillian Murphy’s but to be named character handled the monster invasion. Cillian Murphy’s character probably had kids, as we see him and Djimon Hounsou’s but to be named character shut the closet door on two kids.

Cillian Murphy additionally tells the Abbott household that individuals aren’t price saving out right here. This may indicate that he has a tragic backstory. Possibly, the monsters murdered his baby or kids as a result of somebody put them within the monsters’ sight. Or possibly he signifies that solely folks left are those prepared to do completely something to outlive.

Murphy’s character additionally looks as if he has change into a loner within the current and absolutely embraced apocalyptic residing. His backstory and the scene of Day 1, makes us imagine that no less than some portion of the film takes place previously. However, we doubt that the previous makes up the bulk as a result of there nonetheless appears to be a variety of story to inform in regards to the current scenario of the Abbott household.

Emily Blunt in the dark in A Quiet Place 2

Where Is The Abbott Family Heading in The Quiet Place 2?

The trailer of The Quiet Place 2 reveals many photographs of the Abbotts touring. The trailer reveals them finally discovering themselves in peril of the monster killing them, however Cillian Murphy’s character saves the Abbotts, bringing him into their journey.

The trailer additionally reveals a picture of the Abbott household farm on fireplace. Things had been chaotic on the finish of A Quiet Place–with Lee dying, Regan determining the important thing to killing the monsters, and the complete household attempting to guard the brand new child. Therefore, the farm being on fireplace might be a result of the battle with the opposite monster. We know that primarily based on Evelyn’s nonetheless bandaged foot, A Quiet Place 2 in all probability doesn’t happen too far after the primary one ended. So it might be protected to imagine that the barn fireplace is expounded to the confrontations with the monsters on the finish of the primary movie. Or one thing came about afterward that we’ve not seen but.

The farm catching on fireplace in all probability signifies that the Abbott household is on the highway in search of new shelter. However, issues is perhaps slightly extra complicated than that. In The Quiet Place 2 trailer, Murphy’s character and Evelyn focus on saving folks. He doesn’t suppose anybody left is price saving, which may imply that Evelyn shares the key to defeating the monsters and desires to share It with extra folks. This may imply that the Abbott household hit the highway to assemble folks to struggle and defeat the creature, or no less than make it to what stays of the federal government and attempt to get their assist conquering the monsters.

Cillian Murphy with his finger to his lips in A Quiet Place 2

Is Cillian Murphy’s Character A Friend Or Foe For The Abbott Family?

Cillian Murphy’s character’s feedback in regards to the different survivors would possibly imply that what occurs to him was so tragic that he’s given up on life and folks, or it may imply that he’s carried out such horrible issues that he doesn’t suppose anybody is price saving, together with himself.

The Quiet Place 2 trailer creates a dark vibe round Murphy’s character. He appears harmful in some clips, however damaged in different components. He may simply be each, which might make him harmful and a survival necessity for the Abbott household. The Quiet Place 2 trailer appears to point out him particularly bonding with Regan, so their relationship is perhaps a focus within the sequel. Murphy’s character can be shocked to see the Abbott child. This child reveal may go two methods: both he may see the newborn as an indication of hope for the longer term, or he may see it as a barrier to his survival.

The A Quiet Place 2 trailer did an ideal job of constructing us very intrigued by Cillian Murphy’s character, but additionally very untrusting of him.

Cillian Murphy looking stressed in A Quiet Place 2

How Much Dialogue Will Be Involved In A Quiet Place 2?

One of essentially the most interesting issues about The Quiet Place was the way it constructed suspense with little or no dialogue and exposition. The total trailer for A Quiet Place 2 in all probability had far more dialogue and speaking than the complete script of the primary movie. We’re undecided if the movie will attempt to stability silence with slightly extra dialogue, or nonetheless stay a primarily silent movie.

Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds hunched down in A Quiet Place 2

How Many A Quiet Place Monsters Exist On Earth?

In A Quiet Place, Lee famous that no less than three had been of their space. It wasn’t clear if the realm that Lee referred to was America, Earth, or the farm. The Abbott household has killed no less than two of those monsters, however the world nonetheless appears in peril. This probably signifies that there are greater than three monsters on Earth, nevertheless it doesn’t appear to be a lot of them.

The Quiet Place 2 trailer scenes from Day 1 reveals that there have been many individuals screaming and operating, however just a few monsters attacking. This appears to indicate that there aren’t lots of of them in any given space. The precise variety of monsters roaming round in A Quiet Place world will hopefully change into extra identified in A Quiet Place 2.

A Quiet Place 2 must be an thrilling addition to John Krasinski’s potential franchise movies. Catch it when it hits theaters on March 20, 2020.


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