According to O.M.G. Skandpuran, ladies mustn’t do that work by mistake, the age of husband can be lowered !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
According to O.M.G. Skandpuran, women should not do this work by mistake, the age of husband will be reduced !!

According to the scriptures, there are various issues that ladies don’t have to do, in the event that they do, then the lifetime of their husband could also be at risk. Every factor of Maharishi Ved Vyasa was written by Ganesha in Skanda Purana.

Skanda Purana has instructed many issues that ladies mustn’t do. In Skanda Purana it’s written that wives mustn’t take the identify of their husbands, in such a means that the age of their husband begins reducing, its floor is written in Skanda Parana. A girl who lives in the home, fills her home with happiness. <! –


According to Skanda Purana, the ladies who eat meals after their husbands are referred to as husbands, and it’s also stated that the ladies who sleep after their husbands sleep and the ladies who rise earlier than they get up are referred to as husbands.

If the husband is away, then the wives mustn’t do any grooming. If you go to anywhere of pilgrimage, then ask your husband solely.

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