Administration has given notice to more than 100 people to make up for the loss

by Patricia Lin
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The administration has started recovery in the issue of violent clashes and arson in protest of Citizenship Amendment Bill on 19 December in the capital Lucknow. Notice has been issued to attach property of 46 accused of violence. Among those who have been issued notices are Retired IG SR Darapuri, Congress Party Leader Sadaf Zafar and Mohammad Shoaib of the Rihai Manch. <! –

                 Explain that the district administration has given compensation notice to more than 100 people to compensate for the loss.

This notice prepared by Hazratganj police 46 Rebels The list has been released by the district administration. According to an estimate, property damage of more than 3 crores is estimated during the violent demonstrations in many districts of UP. CM Yogi Adityanath had given orders to compensate the loss caused by violence by force. Since then, the district administration has given a notice to Sachi and sent them notice and asked them to answer a week. After this, if they do not prove themselves innocent then they will have to pay a fixed amount as compensation to the government. Non-payment of prescribed amount will attract legal action, including going to jail.

SC Guidelines are being followed

According to Lucknow District Magistrate (DM) Abhishek Prakash, the loss is estimated in crores and it is being estimated that the total loss has been done. After assessing the damage in every sector, the amount of penalty will be fixed on those who commit violence. He said that we have started this action following the guidelines of the Supreme Court.

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