Afridi tweeted on increasing conflict

by Patricia Lin
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China has responded to former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi who raised the Uighur Muslims in China. China has instructed Afridi to say that he should not come under the influence of propaganda and come and see the situation himself. In fact, former cricketer Shahid Afridi tweeted on Monday, shahid afridi twitter and directly urged the country's PM Imran Khan to 'voice over the oppression of Uygar Muslims in China.' <! –


Afridi tweeted on increasing conflict

Afridi wrote from the Twitter handle, 'Uygar is heartbroken to hear atrocities against Muslims. PM begs Imran Khan that if you talk about organizing the Ummat (Muslim community), then think about it a little. There is an appeal to the Chinese government to stop the oppression of Muslims in their country, for God's sake. However, when confrontation increased over Afridi's statement, he deleted his tweet. However, the removal of this tweet did not affect China.

Welcome to China's Xinjiang region to see the situation

Li Jin Zhao, deputy director of the information department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, tweeted in response to Afridi's tweet. Addressing Afridi, the Chinese officer wrote, 'I think you have been very much confused with the propaganda of the West (countries) against China. Welcome to the Xinjiang region of China (where Uygar Muslims are said to be imprisoned) to see the condition. You will get to see a completely different Xinjiang. He said that the western world is trying to degrade China and is inciting Muslims against it.

Pakistan has been favoring China

There are more than one crore Uygar Muslims living in Xinjiang area of ​​China, out of which a large number are reportedly being kept in detention centers. The US has banned 28 government and non-governmental organizations in China on the charges of oppression of Uigars and other minorities. Whereas, China has to say that it is not a heritage center but a center for teaching and employing skills where education is given against fundamentalism. Let us tell you that Pakistan's dependence on China is not hidden from anyone. In such a situation, Pakistan has been continuously favoring China indirectly by referring to the case of Uygar Muslims as an internal issue of China.

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