‘Agents of SHIELD’ Has Always Been Canon Thanks to the Quantum Realm

by Jeremy Spirogis

(Please observe: this post will talk about spoilers from the Agents of SHIELD finale in nice element, so be warned: spoiler alert!)

Agents of SHIELD just lately wrapped up an epic seven-season run on ABC, and followers couldn’t have been extra happy with the finale. One of the balancing acts the present has at all times needed to do is retaining followers of the present comfortable whereas additionally serving the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

After all, the present was a part of the MCU, even when it didn’t get as a lot consideration because the movies. The present’s finale discovered a method to make sure that the occasions of the present have been at all times MCU canon at the same time as they strayed a bit from the trail the flicks laid out. Here’s how they did it. 

How did Agents of SHIELD slot in with the MCU? 

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When the Agents of SHIELD started, it was very clear that the present existed inside the MCU’s timeline. That meant that occasions from the flicks have been addressed on the present.

The greatest elephant within the room was Agent Phil Coulson’s obvious demise within the first Avengers movie. His “resurrection” was addressed on the present, as Coulson clearly performed a pivotal position. 

With every ensuing MCU film launch, the present was impacted. Whether it was Thor: The Dark World or Avengers: Age of Ultron, the characters on this present have been pressured to take care of the brand new actuality created by the occasions from these movies.

Eventually, the present developed into nearly its personal standalone story and stopped connecting to the flicks. While this will appear to be poor planning, the way in which the present’s writers handled this was reasonably intelligent. It enabled the present to pay homage to the MCU whereas nonetheless doing its personal factor. 

Why Agents of SHIELD has at all times been canon because of the Quantum Realm

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On a Reddit dialogue thread concerning the Agents of SHIELD finale, some MCU followers requested if the present was really in canon. The reply? Yes, nevertheless it’s sophisticated because of the MCU’s Quantum Realm.

In Avengers: Endgame, the MCU’s heroes use the Quantum Realm to return in time and primarily create new timelines previously. One Redditor defined that by the tip of Agents of SHIELD, the present existed inside the MCU, but in addition inside its personal distinctive timeline: 

“For these inquiring if that is full MCU canon, they have been very coy about it – however made a number of hints that whereas they returned to a special timeline – it wasn’t the unique MCU timeline they began in. Earlier within the finale episode, Fitz defined their present predicament (the Chronicom dominating Earth) that them “touring again in time” crafted another timeline.

By the identical logic, their return from the longer term (and breaking the temporal loop) in Season 5 crafted one other alternate timeline that they lived in (second half of Season 5 by Season 6).”

What timeline does Agents of SHIELD exist in on the conclusion of the sequence? 

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So how did the present depart issues? The Reddit poster added that on the present’s conclusion, the SHIELD all of us knew and beloved had returned to its earlier prominence. 

“Like I said, the writers / directors were coy about this. At the end of the episode, we see SHIELD fully resurgent (an Academy, Helicarriers, extensive facilities and agents) – as opposed to SWORD. And the very last scene has a subtle hint – when Coulson flies away in Lola 2, you can see the Triskelion still existing far in the background.”

You could recall that SHIELD was primarily disbanded following the occasions of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But the Quantum Realm enabled the present to have its cake and eat it too. As a story gadget, the Quantum Realm allowed the present to acknowledge the continuity of the MCU movies whereas additionally branching out by itself.

It’s a wise approach to incorporate the MCU’s current mythology whereas nonetheless establishing the present’s personal historical past. It could also be a bit convoluted, however it seems that Agents of SHIELD followers appreciated the twist ending. 

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