Air India prohibits the granting of air tickets on credit to many ministries, departments and agencies of the Central Government.

by Patricia Lin
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Loss-making has taken a big decision to make small improvements in its condition. Air India has banned the grant of air tickets on credit to several central government slave ministries, departments and agencies. Departments and agencies on which Air India has sold more than 10 lakhs, will no longer sell Air India tickets to them. <! –


Air India has owed Rs 268 crore to government departments. Some of the leading investigative agencies in the country are also included in the list of defaulters. Usually government departments and agencies book tickets for travel on credit or borrowing from Air India and their payment is kept hanging for years. Actually, Air India is a government airline, so government departments also do not show any haste to pay its dues.

This decision of Air India will affect the government officials, employees and ministers who have been booking Air India tickets on credit through the department to travel anywhere. Now, before booking the ticket, the balance of 10 lakhs will have to be paid.

However, Air India spokesperson Dhananjay said in a conversation with Zee News that 'the airline has started recovery. Out of 268 crore dues, Rs 50 crore has been withdrawn by the airline from government departments through recovery '

But here the question arises that why the government department is not serious to pay the dues of the country's state-run Air India, which is running in a loss?

Let us tell you that Air India is running at a loss of thousands of crores. The central government is preparing for the privatization of Air India. The central government may soon take a decision on the privatization of Air India.

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