Alum will carry immense happiness in your house, simply need to do these small and straightforward options

by Jeremy Spirogis
Alum will bring immense happiness in your home, just have to do these small and easy solutions

Like standing salt, alum additionally meets rock like rock salt, alum additionally has many medicinal properties.

In addition to medicinal use, alum can be useful in eradicating Vastu defects. Today we provide you with some cures for alum Vastu defects.

1 The window doorways of the rooms of your home open in such a course that there’s a ruined home or a desolate floor or a closed home for years, if the crematorium or cemetery is situated, then it is rather inauspicious for optimistic vitality in such home. Put some small items of small alum in a glass plate, and so on., in a window or door or balcony, maintain altering them each month, this offers reduction from Vastu defects. <! –


2 In a store or institution, hanging the alum with a black fabric on the primary gate retains the barkat intact and likewise retains the flame of cash intact.

3 To get cash, clear your enamel with alum at bedtime each day; along with this, generally take a shower with alum water, this helps to eliminate the defect of Venus.

4 If you might be immersed in a mortgage, then tie a bit of alum and vermilion on a betel leaf and press it with one thing massive beneath the peepal tree on Wednesday morning or night, you’ll get the profit by ten Wednesday.

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