amazing! The richest man on earth offered products at stores himself, see you also

by Jeremy Spirogis
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new Delhi

Amazon president Jeff Bezos is on a trip of India. Jeff Bezos has made a few huge notices about India about this trip, however in the meantime he’s got provided two unique pictures from his official Twitter handle. In this picture, Jeff Bezos sometimes appears providing some products to a shopkeeper. With this picture, Jeff Bezos composed that Amazon has actually partnered with numerous of food markets in India as a delivery point. This is way better for the shoppers and also this provides the shopkeeper an improved potential for receiving.

Jeff Bezos established that by 2025 India will give you jobs to at least one million folks. Amazon stated that it’ll spend money on infrastructure, technology and logistics to give you brand new jobs. <! –

                 Amazon's Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos stated that people desire to offer 1 million jobs within the next five years.

Earlier Jeff Bezos stated about India's future that India are within the 21st century. In a program when you look at the money New Delhi, he additionally revealed that by 2024, Amazon will invest $ 1 billion in small, little and moderate scale companies in India.

Bezos is seeing India on a 3-day travel. He stated on Wednesday that their organization would spend $ 1 billion in India. Bezos stated that the organization features spent $ 5.5 billion in India since 2014.

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