America broke decades

by Patricia Lin
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The incidents of mass murder in America broke the decades-old record this year. 19 days after the start of the year, the first such incident came to light, in which a person used an ax to put four members of his family, including a newborn girl, to death. Five months after the incident, 12 people died in a shootout at a workplace in Virginia.

At the same time, 20 people lost their lives in a similar incident at a Walmart in El Paso in August. According to the data, the highest incidence of mass murder occurred in the United States after 1970 in 2019. In total, 41 incidents of mass murder occurred in the US this year, on an average, four or five people, including an attacker, were killed. Out of these, 33 incidents were of mass murder. <! –

                 A total of 210 people died in these incidents. Most of the acquaintances carried out such incidents. Due to these, there were family disputes, drug or gang violence etc.

In many cases it was not known what the motive of the culprit was. The first case of mass murder in 2019 was revealed when a 42-year-old man in Oregon's Clackamas County killed his mother, stepfather, girlfriend and nine-month-old girl with an ax, while his roommate and eight The old girl managed to escape. After this, Hamalwar was killed by the police.

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