Anderson Cooper Says Son Wyatt Will Only Call One Of His Fathers Dad

by Jeremy Spirogis
Anderson Cooper and Ben Maisani

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper welcomed his son Wyatt Morgan Cooper on April 27. Cooper is elevating Wyatt together with his former associate Benjamin Maisani. They broke up in March. Cooper says they are going to each be Wyatt’s fathers, however just one might be referred to as Dad. 

Anderson Cooper and Ben Maisani
L-R: Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CNN

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Cooper was a visitor on The Howard Stern Show on May 12 discussing his new child and his late mom, Gloria Vanderbilt. Stern probed Cooper on his household and Cooper revealed who will get to be Dad.

Anderson Cooper thinks his mom would have cherished to see him be a dad

Vanderbilt died June 17, 2019. Cooper mentioned he was capable of inform her about his plans to have a toddler by way of a surrogate earlier than she handed.

“She would’ve gotten a kick out of it,” Cooper mentioned. “She always wanted me to have a kid. So I was able to tell her before she died that I was going to do this. I’d looked into the process. I hadn’t actually done it yet but I told her and she was thrilled.”

Anderson Cooper desires Wyatt to have an enormous household 

Cooper needs Vanderbilt had lived to be Wyatt’s grandmother. He nonetheless desires Wyatt to have an enormous household, which maybe speaks to why he nonetheless consists of Maisani.

“I really want Wyatt, my son, to have a lot of people in his life,” Cooper mentioned. “I had the opposite. I just think it’s good to have a lot of love in your life, a lot of adults who are stable and contribute to your life.”

Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

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As a CNN anchor, Cooper is knowledgable about quite a lot of issues. Wyatt will definitely have a fantastic useful resource in him. However, Cooper is aware of the worth of getting a number of sources.

“My dream as a kid, my fantasy as a kid was that someday there would be a board of directors,” Cooper mentioned. “I read about how companies were run when I was eight, or probably 11. I had this dream to have a board of directors I could go to twice a year. One person would be an expert on how do you pay taxes, and another person would be an expert on how do you play baseball? I would just get advice from them. That was my fantasy.”

Benjamin Maisani will converse a special language to Wyatt Cooper

Cooper additionally shed some gentle into how he and Maisani will distinguish their parenting. Maisani speaks one other language, and that can land him a special label.

“So, my ex is French,” Cooper mentioned. “His name is Benjamin. He’s actually Corsican but anyway, he’s lived here for 20, 30 years. So he’s going to speak in French to the kid. He’s going to be I think Papa or Pa and I think I’ll be Dad or Daddy.”

Ben Maisani and Anderson CooperBen Maisani and Anderson Cooper
L-R: Ben Maisani and Anderson Cooper | Getty Images

Wyatt Cooper gained’t be taught to talk for a 12 months or two. When he does he’ll have two languages to select from.

“[Maisani]’s already speaking French to him,” Cooper mentioned. “I have no idea what he’s saying. He could be turning the kid against me. I don’t know.”

Wyatt’s delivery put Vanderbilt’s dying in perspective

Cooper has had an emotional 12 months, and he’s nonetheless reporting in the course of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He described the highly effective connection between his mom’s dying and his son’s delivery.

Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper | J. Countess/Getty Images

“There’s such a cliche, the whole circle of life thing,” Cooper mentioned. “But this very year to have been with my mom when she died and see life leaving somebody and then to be in a delivery room and see a life emerging from somebody. The child’s alive when the child’s coming out but breathing life into somebody, it’s just incredible.”

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