Anushka's & # 039; Patal Lok & # 039; Black clouds hovering once more, enjoying with non secular expressions of Sikhs

by Jeremy Spirogis
Anushka's & # 039; Patal Lok & # 039; But black clouds hover again, accusations of tarnishing Sikh image in society

  • 26 May, 2020 03:45 PM
  • Bollywood Tadka Team Anushka Sharma's webseries 'Patal Lok' is being nicely appreciated by the viewers on one aspect, whereas alternatively it’s getting engulfed in troubles. Now lately the Sikh neighborhood has made allegations on the net collection.

    A Punjab lawyer has filed a grievance in opposition to the makers of 'Patal Lok' alleging that the third episode of the online collection has performed with the non secular sentiments of the Sikhs.
    According to him, it reveals Sikhs defaming individuals of one other caste, which is a criminal offense and tarnishing the picture of Sikhs within the society.

    Actually, the third episode of the collection reveals how Topan Singh lives in a village in Punjab and has to face harassment of the chieftains as a consequence of being of low caste. One day in anger, he kills the chieftains. After this, the indignant Sardar goes to his home to kill Cannon Singh, and when he doesn’t get into the home, the Sardar rapes his mom.

    Let me inform you, earlier, Patal Lok, has been accused by Gorkha neighborhood and BJP MLA for racist abuses, giving and tampering of images with out permission.

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