Arie Luyendyk Jr. Explains How Much ‘The Bachelor’ Producers Have Control Over Who Gets Roses

by Jeremy Spirogis
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There is all the time a query of whether or not the bachelor is giving out roses to ladies he actually likes, or if the producers are making the choice. Arie Luyendyk Jr. determined to set issues straight. This is what he stated about how a lot management producers have over the rose ceremony selections. on The Bachelor.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. stated Peter Weber’s finale of ‘The Bachelor’ felt produced

Arie Luyendyk Jr. on 'The Bachelor'
Arie Luyendyk Jr. on ‘The Bachelor’ | Paul Hebert through Getty Images

Peter Weber’s season ended with him proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss, then breaking apart along with her. Chris Harrison then reunited runner-up Madison Prewett and Weber. They nonetheless didn’t find yourself collectively both.

Many followers in contrast the finale to Luyendyk Jr.’s as a result of he proposed to Becca Kufrin first. He then broke up along with her and reunited with runner-up Lauren Bushnell. Luyendyk Jr. proposed to her and now they’re married.

Luyendyk Jr. thought his finale was totally different from Weber’s. “I found it a little odd that: A. Chris Harrison flew there to talk to Madison and not Peter. So it felt like produced more than ours,” he stated in his YouTube video. “I was like ‘No, this is happening. I’m going to go see [Lauren.] I’m talking to her and this is the way I want to go. She’s the person for me.’”

The former actuality star later talked about manufacturing. “I feel like the show is so produced and they really want something dramatic that it forces the guy in the end to always have a lot of trouble emotionally,” he stated. “And so I think that it’s like if they backed off a little bit and let things happen instead of trying to meddle in the relationships toward the end, I think we’d have a little bit of a smoother ending.”

Colton Underwood additionally thought the season was overproduced

Lyrendyk Jr. isn’t the one former bachelor to touch upon Weber’s season. Colton Underwood additionally shared his opinion after he was requested for his ideas in an Instagram Q&A.

“Interesting question. Since I was silenced this season and opted to not watch it I can’t go into detail. What I can say is I feel like it was way over produced and both parties could have done a much better job (Peter and production),” he wrote. “Peter could have stood up for himself and put his foot down when the tv show part of things started to control his relationships. Production could have helped guide him better, I spoke about how at some points you have to use your gut and trust them in my book with examples. I do feel very sorry for Pete.”

Luyendyk Jr. stated producers do give enter at some extent within the present

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How a lot energy do producers have over rose ceremonies? Luyendyk Jr. addressed this in his newest YouTube video.

“I will say it’s a little bit of a team decision at some point to the show,” stated Luyendyk Jr. He then talked concerning the first night time of the season. “I guess the first night really goes through how he’s feeling about some of the relationships at that point. Then there’s ones toward the bottom I would say at that point. And producers do have their input on who they feel is best for you.”

He added, “You have to remember the producers are like your friends because they know you. They know you really well.” Lauren added, “They’re literally the only people you have with you that you can get input from.”

Luyendyk Jr. stated this may be useful while you don’t know learn how to choose between two individuals. “So they can give their input and say ‘Well, you know this is how we feel.’ And then once they say that you go, ‘You know what? I think you’re right.’”

He continued, “So a lot of times though everyone at home feels the producers have it out for the bachelor or to try to make drama. A lot of times it’s in their best interest as well.”

So it looks as if producers don’t outright choose individuals for the star. But they do give their opinions to assist with tougher selections.

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