‘Arrested Development’ Had A Secret Marvel Shoutout in a ‘Captain America’ Film

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Russo Brothers

One of the best facets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the way it brings so many distinctive and gifted filmmakers into the fold. Two of these filmmakers embrace the Russo Brothers, administrators of final 12 months’s field workplace smash Avengers: Endgame.

The MCU isn’t the one sequence the 2 have been concerned in, nonetheless. They additionally directed a number of TV exhibits as properly. They even discovered a solution to convey a hilarious reference to one of many extra distinguished exhibits they labored on into the MCU. But how precisely did they try this? 

The Russo Brothers historical past with Arrested Development

The Russo Brothers
The Russo Brothers | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

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Before they have been concerned within the largest film franchise of all time, the Russos had an unlikely starting: onset of the critically acclaimed comedy Arrested Development. The brothers served as administrators for a number of episodes of the sequence.

Arrested Development was the story of Michael Bluth and the remainder of the inept, bumbling Bluth household. After their patriarch, George Sr., is shipped to jail, it’s as much as Michael to maintain the household’s actual property firm collectively.

The present featured an ensemble of gifted performers together with Jeffrey Tambor, Portia de Rossi, Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Jessica Walter and Will Arnett. 

The comedy was short-lived — solely lasting three seasons — however later grew a cult following on DVD that led to 2 extra seasons on Netflix practically ten years after its cancellation. 

The Russo brothers and the MCU

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After engaged on comedies like Arrested Development and Community, the Russos transitioned to a wholly totally different style: superhero movie franchise. The Russos first directed the second and third installments within the Captain America sequence: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. 

They did such an excellent job with these two movies that Marvel entrusted them with their crown jewel: the third and fourth Avengers movies, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

This two-part saga introduced an period of MCU movies to a detailed. To present simply how necessary these movies have been, contemplate that they represented a fruits of over 10 years of MCU motion pictures that began with 2008’s Iron Man

How the Russo Brothers introduced ‘Arrested Development’ into the MCU

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The Russos transition from Arrested Development to the MCU might have appeared odd at first, however one viewing of both property proves that they’re sensibilities are well-suited for each. The Russos understood comedy in addition to superheroes. 

While it wouldn’t look like these two worlds would cross paths very simply, the Russos did discover a solution to work the Arrested Development universe into the MCU. According to Screen Rant, an artifact of the Bluths makes it into Captain America: Civil War.

The movie’s most well-known sequence is the struggle on the airport tarmac between a number of superheroes from the MCU. The struggle sees epic confrontations similar to Spider-Man in opposition to Winter Soldier and Falcon, Iron Man and War Machine in opposition to Ant-Man, and Captain America in opposition to Black Panther. 

In one a part of the sequence, the well-known stair automotive pushed by the Bluths is seen within the background. It occurs so quick and is so inconspicuous that in case you blink you’ll miss it. It was the Russo Brothers’ nod to a different one among their different beloved universes. 

It’s additionally not the one reference to Arrested Development within the MCU. According to the Hollywood Reporter, one scene in The Guardians of the Galaxy options Arrested Development character Tobias Funke within the background carrying his trademark blue physique paint. 

The Russos affect on the MCU goes past their nice storytelling and great character arcs. They additionally introduced a couple of reminders of one among their previous jobs into play as properly. 

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