As quickly as this one planet is weakened within the horoscope of the girl, the girl is surrounded by many ailments, abortion may also happen

by Jeremy Spirogis
As soon as this one planet is weakened in the horoscope of the woman, the woman is surrounded by many diseases, abortion can also occur

In girls, abortion, hysteria, stress, bodily weak spot, leucorrhea and so forth. ailments are resulting from inauspicious of planets, right here know which planets trigger these ailments.

1 If the Moon is affected by merciless and sinful planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu, then the girl might have interval associated issues. <! –


2 If there’s a sight of sin and merciless planets on the Moon, if there’s a mixture of Mars and Saturn, or if they’ve imaginative and prescient on one another, then girls can have these ailments.

3 Moon is the feminine consultant planet of the girl, if the moon is below the affect of evil planet or is powerless or within the twelfth, eighth or sixth home, negativity prevails over the girl.

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