Ashton Pienaar From ‘Below Deck’ Continues to Defend His Behavior as Fans Are Outraged

by Jeremy Spirogis
Ashton Pienaar

Below Deck fans achieved their boiling-point after seeing the deck staff ice out Rhylee Gerber and then minimize all of those other ladies in the motorboat during a recently available event.

However, they presented down some hope that bosun Ashton Pienaar could be held responsible for their activities as he showed up on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Unfortunately many were disappointed, which included gasoline for their fury. Many followers tweeted that although Cohen expected Pienaar the difficult concerns, he allow Pienaar make excuses and worm their solution to be held really responsible.

Ashton Pienaar
Ashton Pienaar | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Even main stew Kate Chastain called aside Pienaar during their look also. “@BravoWWHL when Ashton said he reached out to me ‘immediately’ when he saw the footage……he really meant ‘after he spent an entire 24 hours responding to every single comment from fans on Instagram replying to him posting the season trailer,’” Chastain tweeted. Cohen read some of Chastain’s tweets to Pienaar throughout the event in which he performedn’t look delighted.

Pienaar goes on along with his ‘self-reflection’ tour

Pienaar has actually showed up on a few early morning programs and podcasts since lashing down at Chastain and switching the deck staff against deckhand Rhylee Gerber. He insisted he’s apologized but no body is purchasing it. Rosbach features blogged regarding how small remorse he views originating from Pienaar also and Cohen resolved it during Pienaar’s look.

He acknowledges to saying numerous stupid things in 2010 then again converts back again to their script. “This whole season has been about self-reflecting,” Pienaar parroted on WWHL. “I’m embarrassed to see stuff like that and it’s something I’ve got to work on and it’s something I’ve got to change.”

Pienaar had been later on expected in the After Show what he learned all about administration. “The biggest thing is to put your personal feelings and emotions aside,” he stated. “There was a lot of drama. I think at times it gets overwhelming.”

He additionally doubles straight down on revealing the blame

When asked about their impact within the deck staff, Pienaar insisted he performedn’t do just about anything to improve the deck team’s opinion of deckhand Rhylee Gerber. “I think everyone’s giving me way too much credit in saying that I made them act a certain way to Rhylee,” he insisted. “They’re both huge men they are able to both make up their thoughts. And i want to highlight it’s extremely naive to imagine that Tanner [Sterback] and Brian [de Saint Pern] didn’t view the prior period and performedn’t know Rhylee themselves.”

He then insists he had been initially basic about Gerber. “When I brought up Rhylee arriving, I was actually trying to manage the guys and be like, ‘Look Rhylee’s coming but we’re going to make this work.’ And I was kinda trying to prepare them for what we need to do. Come together as a team and make things work regardless of what you know about Rhylee.”

Cohen then tried to have Pienaar to maybe come clean with remorse or unveil something that viewers don’t realize about the yachting business. But Pienaar insisted that ranking and hierarchy are essential, including he’s had difficulties with probably the most “junior person on the boat.” He then attempted to provide a typical example of exactly how various other staff people had been exasperated with Gerber instead of simply take any obligation for their component. When Cohen expected Pienaar if he’s sought therapy or treatment, Pienaar said he’s “considering it.”

Fans aren’t permitting this get

While Pienaar will continue to play protection, followers continued the offense and took really serious offense to Pienaar continuing to rationalize their activities. While various men and women on Twitter remained in Pienaar’s corner, many were exceedingly unsatisfied. “@AshtonPienaar you don’t owe any viewer of #BelowDeck an explanation,” one viewer tweeted. “You DO owe yourself a trip to a therapist to work out why you are angry and have such a poor attitude towards women. Apologize and make amends to the women you know you’ve offended personally. @Kate_Chastain.”

Another person slammed the Below Deck production company 51 Minds for casting the guys in the motorboat. “@51Minds must be run by the same misogynistic mindset that hired these four degenerates. That’s the only reason I can see this company not only condoning this type of behavior but also encouraging it. Do better.”

This viewer had the same reaction as comedian Leslie Jones. Jones tweeted that she’s fatigued because of the program and indicated that she had been no further discovered that it is entertaining. This viewer wrote, “This isn’t entertainment anymore. This is enraging…a blatant display of toxic masculinity. Every woman has dealt with this at one point in her life. And it’s just not enjoyable to watch.”

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