Automated Crypto Trading Went Mobile

by Patrick Gon

You can now run your cryptocurrency trading bots right from a cell phone, either it is iPhone or Android. Just go to PlayStore or App Store, install TradeSanta’s app, start creating bots, and track the progress while on the go.

Want to stick to your favorite trading style? No worries, with TradeSanta’s app, it is possible to personalize your bot the way you like it.

For instance, you can place take-profit targets separately for every new order or for all the orders you execute. Also, there is an option to hand-pick various strategies, set up order volume, define the number of extra orders, and follow the bot performance as shown on different charts.

In addition to further features, you can also access your trade history, realized profit, overall profitability indicators, trading charts and so much more. In a word, TradeSanta’s app is a nice starting point for everybody who only begins to trade crypto. The app was designed in such a way that the trading flow helps novice users create an account easily and connect it to a crypto exchange in a matter of seconds.

TradeSanta’s bots are faster than any human since they can place multiple orders simultaneously and trade 24/7 just for you to have enough sleep. Still not sure if your favorite exchange is connected? The major exchanges Bittrex, Bitfinex, HitBTC, Huobi, Binance, UPbit are already connected and counting.

Just choose your trading plan and go. With the Minimum Package, you can run up to two bots with a maximum of $3K trading volume for free. As for other plans, the prices vary, yet, when buying annually, you pay less: the Basic plan for $14 per month allows you to use up to 49 bots with an unlimited trading volume and number of pairs. With the HitBTC promo for $21 per month, it is up to 49 bots, whereas, with the Maximum Plan that costs $70, you can run an unlimited number of bots.

Download the app for Android and iPhone.

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