‘Avengers: Endgame’: Tony’s Breakdown Further Humanized a Hero

by Jeremy Spirogis
Robert Downey Jr.

There’s a scene close to the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, the crowning achievement of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the place Tony Stark is rescued by Captain Marvel as he’s drifting aboard a spaceship within the outer limits of area.

When he returns to Earth, he’s close to insanity. Thanos has simply extinguished half the life within the recognized universe, together with many individuals Tony cares about.

There’s a fleeting second the place Tony has a breakdown, screaming at Captain America and blaming him for his or her predicament. While it could appear very unheroic, it truly makes Tony much more compelling as a personality. Here’s why. 

Where we meet Tony Stark within the MCU

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

At the outset of Iron Man, Tony is a playboy billionaire having fun with his way of life. His firm is a weapons producer and at greatest he’s burying his head within the sand on a few of their extra nefarious dealings. Eventually, Tony’s kidnapped by terrorists and is proven the error of his methods by a person named Yinsen who helps him escape. He resolves to make use of his energy and privilege to do good on the earth, and Iron Man is born. 

While there’s a lot extra character growth but to return over many films, we start to see how Tony’s going to develop as a personality. He begins as a self-centered, narcissistic businessman and turns into a real hero. 

Tony Stark’s emotional journey all through the MCU

One of probably the most attention-grabbing features of the MCU is how a lot the characters change over the course of the sequence, throughout movies. Tony doesn’t simply change from Iron Man movie to Iron Man movie. He additionally modifications as a result of the Avengers sequence. 

In the primary Avengers film, Tony aids the remainder of the Avengers in responding to an assault from alien invaders: the Chitauri, a war-like individuals led by Loki. Near the movie’s climax, he takes a nuclear bomb into area, primarily sacrificing himself for the nice of the planet.

He lives, however he made the choice to tackle what amounted to a suicide mission. In Iron Man 3, Tony offers with PTSD as a result of that battle. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, he (together with Bruce Banner) creates an AI system that just about takes over your entire world.

Finally, in Captain America: Civil War, Tony tries to make amends for his sins however comes into battle with Steve Rogers and different Avengers members. 

Tony’s highway takes a protracted and winding path. When we get to the fruits of the Infinity saga, he’s practically on the finish of his rope. 

How Tony’s breakdown in Endgame humanizes him as a hero

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In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony is sort of at peace. He’s getting ready to marry Pepper Potts, the love of his life, and so they discuss of beginning a household. He’s then pulled into an surprising struggle in opposition to Thanos and whisked away to his homeworld, Titan.

Accompanying Tony on his journey is his protégé, Peter Parker. At the movie’s conclusion, Thanos is profitable and wipes out half of the universe, killing Parker and plenty of different MCU heroes. This rocks Tony to his core. 

A Reddit thread discussing the start of Avengers: Endgame talked about how when Tony is rescued from deep area at the start of Endgame, he snaps at Steve, yelling at him. While this may occasionally appear out of character, it’s truly something however. At that second, Tony has simply misplaced the closest factor he ever needed to a son — not lengthy after considering of beginning his family with Pepper. 

Tony definitely isn’t good, however as evidenced all through the MCU films, he’s striving to be higher. When he fails in Infinity War, he’s at a breaking level. At the start of Endgame, he’s primarily misplaced his most essential battle after which has to simply accept his personal impending loss of life.

For him to return to Earth and present anger isn’t a personality flaw, however only a signal that although he’s a superhero, he’s nonetheless very a lot a human being. 

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