‘Avengers: Endgame’: Why Was Bucky Left Out of Steve’s Final Jump Through Time?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Sebastian Stan

One of the explanation why the Marvel Cinematic Universe has turn into so fashionable is due to its characters. Every MCU film has a ton of riveting motion sequences and delightful CGI, however Marvel additionally makes certain that the characters are likable and attention-grabbing.

This is particularly true when Marvel makes an Avengers film, as among the greatest moments occur when characters from totally different components of the universe work together with one another. On a smaller scale although, that is additionally the case for Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, as their friendship is extraordinarily necessary to their characters.

That mentioned, Marvel followers are questioning why Bucky didn’t observe Steve when he went again in time in Avengers: Endgame, and listed below are just a few potential explanations for that.

A recap of Steve Roger’s and Bucky Barnes’ friendship

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Steve and Bucky had been mates all their life, however their friendship modified when Steve was injected with the Super Soldier Serum and he grew to become Captain America. Eventually, each of them joined an elite unit of troopers who’d go on daring missions in opposition to Nazi Germany.

Unfortunately, Barnes was seemingly killed throughout one in all these raids. And then, on the finish of the primary Captain America film, Steve will get frozen in time for about 70 years.

As it seems, Bucky survived and he was captured by the Soviet Union. The Soviets saved him alive and enhanced him with a metallic arm. Bucky was brainwashed and he grew to become The Winter Soldier.

But after all, since Steve and Bucky had been greatest mates ceaselessly, Steve was capable of snap Bucky out of his brainwashing. Bucky later joined the Avengers as they fought Thanos’ invasion of Earth. 

Steve and Bucky in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ 

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Unfortunately for Bucky, he acquired the brief finish of the stick as soon as once more. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos gained and snapped half of all life within the universe away. Bucky was snapped away, whereas Steve survived. 

In order to sort things, the surviving Avengers hatched a plan to steal Infinity Stones from the previous. The group break up up to be able to get every 5 stones as quick as potential, and whereas Steve was on his mission, he caught a glimpse of what he misplaced by being frozen in time. He noticed Peggy Carter, the girl he liked, working at S.H.I.E.L.D., and that made him really feel nostalgic. 

So, after the Avengers introduced everybody again and beat Thanos, Steve volunteered to return in time to place the infinity stones again the place they need to be. By doing this, Steve mounted the timelines however he additionally acquired an opportunity to reside a full and pleased life with Peggy. He then returned to the current day as an previous and retired man. 

Why didn’t Bucky go together with Steve?

As followers on Reddit wrote, this was a considerably unusual second. Bucky and Steve had been greatest mates, however additionally they had quite a bit in widespread. Both had been males who felt misplaced in time, as each of them have been, primarily, frozen in time for the reason that 40s.

As a result, it’d make sense for Bucky to tag together with Steve, as he’d get to reside within the time that he knew greatest. 

Marvel followers on Reddit aren’t actually certain why Bucky selected to remain behind. One fan merely thought that Bucky loved trendy life greater than Steve did. Another fan thought that Bucky and Steve had a dialog off-screen and Bucky informed Steve about his selection to remain behind.

Another believable rationalization is that Bucky, in contrast to Steve, has no purpose to return in time. 

However, some followers assume that it was just because Chris Evans, who performed Steve, was leaving Marvel, whereas Sebastian Stan, who performs Bucky, isn’t. As a result, Bucky nonetheless has a future within the MCU, whereas Steve, in all chance, doesn’t.

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