‘Avengers’ Star Paul Bettany’s Classic Response to Jason Statham’s Marvel Diss ‘I Could Take My Grandma and Put Her in a Cape’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Actor Paul Bettany attends the premiere of Disney and Marvel

Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Paul Bettany initially joined the franchise because the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S. in 2008’s Iron Man, transferring on to showing within the flesh as Vision within the 2015 movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pulling double responsibility with on-screen and voicing roles, the British actor is clearly capable of juggle a variety of characters.

When actor Jason Statham made some derogatory remarks concerning the superhero franchise, Bettany didn’t waste time on responding along with his personal ideas.

Actor Paul Bettany attends the premiere of Disney and Marvel's 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Marvel star Paul Bettany | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Statham says ‘the cape wouldn’t match’

When Statham was first requested about ever contemplating a task within the superhero style, the actor didn’t sound like a lot of a fan of the franchise.

“It’s all about money, kids pay money to go and see them,” Statham instructed Digital Spy in 2013. “The fascination is superheroes, it’s what people want to go and see but you wouldn’t get me rushing to the cinema to see those. I like the old-fashioned type of film.”

The Transporter star revealed that he hadn’t been pitched to play any components within the movies, nor was he . “They’ve never offered me a part in one of those and I don’t think the shoes would fit,” Statham mentioned. “Or the cape wouldn’t fit!”

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‘Expendable’s’ star disses Marvel

Statham is understood for his tough-guy roles in movies together with the Fast and Furious and The Expendables franchises. When rumors started to swirl of the actor becoming a member of the Marvel Daredevil collection on Netflix because the villain Bullseye, Statham had loads to say.

“Any guy can do it,” Statham instructed Italian leisure web site I400CalCi in 2015 of performing in a Marvel movie. “I imply, I might take my grandma and put her in a cape after which put her in a inexperienced display screen, and so they’ll have stunt doubles are available and do all of the motion. “

The Crank star credited computer-generated imagery reasonably than the casting for the success of the movies. “Anybody can do it. They’re relying on stunt doubles and green screen and $200 million budget,” Statham continued. “It’s all CGI created. It’s not authentic. I’m inspired by old real star guys that can really do their thing.”

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‘Vision’s’ Paul Bettany weighs in

Talk present host Conan O’Brien introduced up Statham’s feedback when he interviewed Bettany in 2015. The Avengers star first responded by praising the actor’s work. “I heard about this… I don’t know why anybody would talk smack about something,” Bettany commented. “He’s brilliant at what he does. I couldn’t do it.”

The Marvel actor proceeded to clarify his stance on the subject, with a traditional tip for Statham. “There are times when I try and do as many of the stunts as I can, myself,” Bettany shared. “But there are times when it’s too dangerous or it’s too tricky, and even the producer says, ‘This is too dangerous and tricky for you.’ You know, potentially, he should maybe think about investing in like an acting double.”

The zinger was met with whoops and cheers from the viewers and host, the place Bettany once more emphasised that he doesn’t imagine in dissing others within the trade.

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“I would never talk s*** about somebody else’s work,” he reiterated. “You know, I read the contract, they [Marvel] employed me as an actor. There’s obviously stuntmen in the world — you’ve met them, you’ve seen them. They are very good at what they do, so let them, uh, do it.”

He ended off repeating his advice for the Fast and Furious star. “But if there’s a really, really tricky scene with some very tricky dialogue, one might consider bringing in an acting double for Jason Statham,” Bettany mentioned.

Jokingly coming to Statham’s protection, comic Andy Richter got here up with a doable cause for the destructive feedback saying, “He may have just been trying to drum up work for his grandma.”

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