Avengers superfan does the unthinkable! Arranges all of the MCU film scenes in chronological order – try

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Avengers fan arranges all MCU scenes in chronological order& 

The fandom across the Marvel Cinematic Universe recognized no bounds. Recently, a superfan took to social media and revaled that he has organized all of the MCU scenes, not motion pictures, scenes in chronological order. That means lots of of scenes in a whopping 23 motion pictures in The Infinity Saga. While it was Iron Man in 2008 that kickstarted the MCU, however by no means that was the primary scene in saga. In truth, the primary scene goes again to the prologue in Thor: Dark World and Iron Man comes at quantity 21. 

Sharing the scenes, he posted a sequence of tweets. The first one learn, “Well nerds, I f–kin’ did it. Took me a global pandemic and a damn quarantine, but I did it. I figured out the precise chronological order of all the MCU movies (so far) BY SCENE. I’m out of my Goddamn mind. You’re welcome.”

He adopted it up with, “Now, a few caveats. Obviously, this only covers the 23 MCU movies so far. No ABC or web shows, no shorts, no deleted scenes. I only counted flashbacks when they could be easily isolated from their respective film’s “current.”” 

Check out the tweets stating MCU film scenes in chronological order beneath: 

In the next tweets, he additional defined, “There are a number of situations the place I allowed the films some artistic enhancing license (just like the sequence in Thor: The Dark World when it retains reducing back-and-forth, heist movie-style, between Thor planning with the Warriors Three, and them executing that plan)…”

When requested if he took into consideration the time journey elements in Avengers: Endgame, he replied, “VERY good question…it depends. Like Smart Hulk says, they’re not undoing the past, they’re creating an all-new timeline, so for the MOST part, the time travel scenes should be watched with the rest of Endgame…with a few scant exceptions.” and added, “My rule was, I could only back up the Endgame time travel scenes into their proper “time” in non-redundant instances where a full scene, with a proper beginning, middle and end, was completely unaffected by the future Avengers’ time-heist shenanigans.” He solely took three flashback scenes from Avengers: Endgame as part of previous storyline, “So, basically only three scenes: – The first 2014-era scene between Gamora, Nebula and Thanos, up to the moment where Nebula’s synapses start fucking up – The Avengers telling Hulk to take the stairs – Hulk yelling “SO MANY STAIRS!””


He additionally said that the record is just for superfans of the MCU and never informal moviegoers.

However, later, a person identified that a few of the sequences in The Incredible Hulk happen in 2005. 

The greatest field offfice juggernaut of all time, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase four will begin with the discharge of Black Widow on November 6, 2020. 

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