Because of those nice saints, February 14 is widely known as Valentine's Day, know the entire story associated to it !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
Because of these great saints, February 14 is celebrated as Valentine's Day, know the whole story related to it !!

Everyone is aware of that Valentine's Day is widely known on February 14, however nobody is aware of why it’s celebrated on today, so today it tells you the explanation for celebrating today.

Earlier, the folks of Europe lived with one another with out marriage and in addition had youngsters, that means the primary man and girl didn’t should marry to dwell with one another and they’d by no means go away with anybody. .

There had been many individuals who didn’t like such practices, a type of folks was a saint, his identify was Valentine, he had learn Indian civilization very deeply, he was very conversant in Indian tradition, he launched a marketing campaign towards it and Many folks turned his supporters, by coincidence, he was made the pastor of the church. Now such {couples} who used to return to the church would get them married in every single place. There had been discussions.

At that point, Rome was dominated by Claudius, when King Claudius got here to find out about Valentine that it was altering the age-old tradition of Europe, then he thought that once we are getting all with out marriage, then this man will get married by our Why is altering the tradition.

For this motive, King Claudius dominated to deliver Valentine. When Valentine went to the courtroom of King Claudius, Claudius requested, "What are you doing, you are bringing a culture that we don't like, you should stop it." When Valentine didn’t hearken to King Claudius, he introduced to punish Valentine.

In this fashion, on 14 February 498, Valentine was given the demise penalty, his conviction was that he was altering such misdeeds by getting married at the moment. The king didn’t see any massive motive for punishing demise, simply in response to what he used to punish. The one he used to present turned a stone streak and nobody might oppose it.

The day they had been hanged, the folks whose weddings that they had began celebrating that day as Valentine's Day, thus began celebrating today in Europe the place solely married folks have fun Valentine's Day however India People have been celebrating Valentine's Day for years with none motive unknown to the story of Valentines.

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