Bell Biv DeVoe and NKOTB Concert Derailed by COVID-19, But the Show Will Go On (Eventually)

by Jeremy Spirogis
Bell Biv DeVoe

Bell Biv DeVoe and New Kids on the Block are two Boston-based bands with monumental followings. And loyal followers have been pumped for his or her Summer 2020 live performance collaboration. Alas, the COVID-19 pandemic derailed plans for the boy bands to carry out as scheduled. According to Bell Biv DeVoe, they intention to hit the stage together with NKOTB at a later date. Here’s what we all know thus far.

Bell Biv DeVoe
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Bell Biv DeVoe confirmed that their live performance with NKOTB was delayed

“What’s up y’all? This is Bell Biv DeVoe,” mentioned Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe in a video message on Instagram. The BBD bandmates instantly addressed followers about their extremely anticipated present with NKOTB.

The bands have been initially scheduled to carry out in Boston on Sept. 19. But, like many different reveals, productions, and occasions, the live performance plans stalled within the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was about to be a pilgrimage from across the world,” DeVoe mused within the Bell Biv DeVoe Instagram video. “I know people were flying in from Cali and Spain and Australia and all that to see BBD and our good friends New Kids on the Block.” DeVoe continued, “We hope it goes down, but if it doesn’t, y’all stay safe until it gets moved so that we can just… Oh, my God. You don’t understand what kind of therapy that’s gonna be when we hit that stage.”

According to BBD, the present will go on (ultimately)

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After DeVoe’s spiel, Bell took over with a nostalgic nod, saying, “Y’all know Fenway Park is a home to us. We sang the national anthem as New Edition back in — I think — 1984.”

Fenway Park holds particular significance for Bell Biv DeVoe and New Kids on the Block. The Boston Red Sox stadium is without doubt one of the most vital landmarks in Boston, Massachusetts, the city each musical acts name residence.

“This time we’re coming back as Bell Biv DeVoe,” declared Bell, “performing with our good friends, New Kids on the Block, Boston’s own.” Bell continued by expressing gratitude and optimism. He additionally dished that rehearsals haven’t stopped, even within the shadow of a pandemic.

“Thank y’all. The show is actually sold out. So, we want y’all to hold onto those tickets, alright. Don’t sell them. Don’t give up hope. We need you there. You know, they actually tried to present us with the opportunity to perform with no audience, but we can’t do that. We need you. We need to hear those screams. We need to feel that energy. So, we’re looking forward to it. We’re gonna keep ourselves healthy and strong. And we’re still rehearsing, and we’re ready for it, man. So, we look forward to seeing you guys at Fenway Park.”

NKOTB revealed the brand new live performance date

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Bivins ended the Instagram video with a shout-out to their buddies, New Kids on the Block. With his signature swagger, he added, “While we’re chopping and you’re rocking with us, I want you to put a picture up of Jordan over there. Put a picture of his brother, right there, Jonathan. Then, put Donnie right there. Uh-huh. And then, put Danny right there. And then, finish with Joey, baby. And then, put a BBD picture. You know what it is. It is what it is. Peace.”

According to, the live performance will now happen on July 16, 2021. So, ticketholders should sit tight for a short time longer. In any case, the occasion will doubtless be effectively definitely worth the wait.

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