‘Below Deck’: Adrienne Gang’s Night on the Town Could Have Turned Deadly

by Jeremy Spirogis
Adrienne Gang

Adrienne Gang from Below Decklately shared a reminiscence on Twitter a couple of time when a enjoyable night time out with buddies went dangerously unsuitable.

The incident occurred years in the past, however Gang lately shared an article that was written concerning the night time to presumably function a cautionary story for girls. While out at a bar with buddies, Gang’s drink was spiked with GHB, in any other case generally known as the date rape drug, the Tampa Bay Times experiences.

Adrienne Gang
Adrienne Gang| Justin Stephens/Bravo

Gang had little reminiscence of the night time, apart from regaining consciousness in jail. “The next thing I know I am being fingerprinted in the Orient Road Jail,” she stated. When she requested the law enforcement officials why she was in jail, “They told me I should know why I was there.”

A bunch of males despatched over some wine

Gang remembers {that a} group of males despatched over wine to her desk. She remembers that the wine didn’t come from the bartender, which can be how the drug was simply added to the drink. GHB has no odor however can have a soapy or salty style. It can be offered in a colorless liquid so it may be simply transferred to a drink.

Although Gang can recall receiving the drinks, her subsequent hazy recollection of the night time is being compelled right into a cab. “What we were able to piece together is someone who considered themselves a ‘Good Samaritan’ dragged me out of the bar because I wasn’t able to stand upright and speak coherently,” she advised the Times. Apparently, the individual paid the driving force $30 for a $2 cab journey. Gang didn’t acknowledge the deal with the place she was being taken both. “Maybe he thought the cab driver would dump me there and then he would follow after. I don’t know. But the guy lived in Gainesville,” she stated. The incident came about in Tampa, Florida.

“It was deduced that whoever did this to me realized that they had overdosed me because it happened so quickly and I couldn’t stand,” Gang stated. “Maybe they thought they might have a dead body on their hands so they chucked me into a cab hoping that the cab driver would have to deal with me.” The cab driver testified that Gang couldn’t stand upright.

How did she find yourself in jail?

While within the cab, Gang knocked the cab driver’s telephone out of his hand. She was arrested for battery on the cab driver, which maybe saved her life. Gang wonders how not one of the wait employees on the bar realized what was occurring. The incident occurred on a Tuesday night round 11 p.m.

“I could have easily ended up in a ditch,” she advised the Times. The subsequent day her boyfriend got here to choose her up. She advised him she didn’t really feel hungover however nonetheless felt odd. “I know what it’s like to feel intoxicated. I know what it’s like to feel hung over, but I knew something was wrong,” she remembers.

She bought a rape panel take a look at and 10 days later discovered she had been drugged with GHB. The consultant from the drug testing clinic emphasised she was fortunate to be alive. She had extraordinarily excessive ranges of the drug in her system. Since then she’s been a proponent for utilizing drink testing strips, created by Drink Safe Technologies. “I feel like if I had known about these strips, I would have made every single one of my girlfriends carry one. Because why would you not? It’s an added layer of protection,” Gang stated.

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