‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee Is Floored by Some of the Crew’s Comments

by Jeremy Spirogis
Captain Lee Rosbach

The first a part of the Below Deck reunion had loads of moments that had Captain Lee Rosbach shaking his head. From making an attempt to elucidate to chef Kevin Dobson why he shouldn’t have meddled in Courtney Skippon’s relationship with Brian de Saint Pern to being confronted by bosun Ashton Pienaar, Rosbach was usually in disbelief.

Rosbach wasn’t the one one feeling the warmth in the course of the first a part of the reunion. Chief stew Kate Chastain was questioned about her remedy of stew Simone Mashile. Plus, she and Dobson appeared to virtually iron out their variations.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach| Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank by way of Getty Images

However, at one level in the course of the second a part of the reunion, Dobson shared that he didn’t suppose the fellows’ conduct was all that unhealthy. Of course, this shocked Rosbach. He had loads of selection phrases for quite a lot of crew members in his weblog in the course of the season.

Dobson doesn’t suppose the conduct was that unhealthy

Bravo supplied a sneak peek clip of the ultimate a part of the reunion the place Dobson shrugs off the conduct that was proven this season. Host Andy Cohen asks Rosbach if he was conscious of what was occurring in the course of the season. “Not at all,” Rosbach shares.

But then Dobson decides to problem him on that assertion. “Why do you think that was that you weren’t aware,” he questions Rosbach. Deckhand Rhylee Gerber says as a result of they didn’t go and “tattletale” on the fellows. “I didn’t get the observation of the way you guys interacted on your nights out,” Rosback responds.

Dobson continues to marvel how Rosbach didn’t get a really feel of what was taking place across the crew mess desk as an illustration. But when Rosbach says he wasn’t within the crew mess, Dobson replies, “Just as a captain, I’d imagined you’d know what’s going on with the crew. Don’t get me wrong. I know this sucks because it’s me saying it as a male and all the rest of it, but I feel like it wasn’t that f**king bad.” 

Rosbach shoots again with, “Kevin, you asked why I didn’t know? What would you have done differently to make yourself aware of what I didn’t know? How would you have behaved, Captain Kevin?”

He additionally couldn’t imagine Ashton Pienaar questioned his background too

During half one of many reunion, Pienaar questioned Rosbach and Chastain about their expertise.  “Ashton, do you really think that in your limited experience you’re in a position to judge somebody that has much more experience than you do?” Rosbach returned in the course of the reunion.

Although Rosbach and Chastain answered the query, Rosbach later tweeted about the moment. “You need to continuously work on yachts to maintain your credentials. It’s the law. So I do work on yachts, I just don’t feel the need to justify what I normally do. Especially to a bosun.”

Rosbach also tweeted, “Wow, some night guys right? This is showing the true colors I feel. I have no regrets, except that I didn’t know what happened when it happened and things would have been much different. I assure you.”

The second a part of the Below Deck reunion airs on Monday, February 17 at eight p.m. EST on Bravo.

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