‘Below Deck Med’: Aesha Scott Almost Saw ‘Evil’ in Tom Checketts’ Eyes

by Jeremy Spirogis
Tom Checketts

Aesha Scott from Below Deck Mediterranean stated she averted chef Tom Checketts after the cucumber meltdown.

Tom Checketts
Tom Checketts|Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Checketts turned so aggravated that he was disturbed throughout his break he lashed out at Scott to the purpose the place she was delivered to tears. “For someone to act in that way, it just seemed like real sinister,” Scott stated in the course of the Below Deck Med After Show. “And I don’t know, it made me see him in a completely new light. Like it was almost like I saw evil in his eyes.”

“And I was like, man, you have a totally **** side of you that I didn’t realize,” she continued.

Aesha Scott described Chef Tom as a ‘bratty 3-year-old’

Scott stated she couldn’t imagine the quantity of anger coming from Checketts when Captain Sandy Yawn requested him to chop up some cucumbers for the company. Scott was with the company so Yawn requested Checketts to whip up the cucumbers. Unfortunately, Checketts was lastly taking a break.

When Scott arrived to ship the cucumbers, Checketts was livid. She apologized, however that solely made the state of affairs worse. “None of it was my fault,” she stated. “I literally had no idea what was going on. I literally had nothing to do with it and I’m the one who has to get like the full f**king fury of him.”

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She added that she’s by no means spoken to a different crew member in that method, no matter her stage of exhaustion. “He was like a bratty three year old,” she stated. “I was already trying not to cry and then [the guest] asked for avocado. And in my head I was just like, ‘f**k.’ He was having such a cry about why can’t I slice these things. So when I went back, I was like okay well I will do this one.” Checketts, nonetheless reacted with snarky anger.

“I went into such a shock that I started crying,” she recalled. “It just really showed me a side to his personality that I was like this is past just being an a**hole. This is someone that I don’t really wanna be around. So from that moment on, I was just like, I’m gonna be professional with this guy but I don’t really want anything to do with him.”

Chef Tom is sorry not sorry

“I snapped at Aesha for that and it’s not her fault,” Checketts stated. “We all know where cucumbers are kept. The knives are on display on a magnet. There’s always a chopping board, very visibly there. Just do it.”

“So, yeah, its frustrating anyway,” he added. “What can I say? Clearly I’m the only person on the boat who can chop a cucumber. That’s pretty much what I get from it.”

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“When I heard what Tom had said to Aesha, apart of me was just like, ugh Tom,” girlfriend Malia White stated. “That was just a grumpy, tired Tom thing to say. He doesn’t mean it harmfully. He’s just a grumpy chef.”

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