‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Georgia Grobler Shares That Paget Berry Made Her Laugh (And Yes, Jenna MacGillivray Is Really Good at Her Job)

by Jeremy Spirogis
Georgia Grobler

Georgia Grobler from Below Deck Sailing Yacht shared with Colin Macy-O’Toole on his Radio Check podcast about what it was actually like being on the present.

Georgia Grobler
Georgia Grobler |Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Grobler admits she was an enormous Below Deck fan earlier than deciding to use for a task on the present and went on the sequence as a result of she thought she would have the ability to survive actuality tv. “One of the reasons I decided I was going to go ahead and do this was because I personally feel like I portray myself, I carry myself as, in a way that I’m proud,” Grobler explains.

“I try to not throw people under the bus, I try not to gossip and I do try to maintain integrity,” she continues. “Being that I felt that way, if I actually back myself that much, I shouldn’t have a problem with going on a show when they document my every move.” She says it’s like a real check and watching it to date it’s been okay.

Did she get together with Jenna MacGillivray?

Grobler was dropped at tears on a couple of event by chief stew Jenna MacGillivray. The two appear to have settled into a greater working relationship, however what does she consider MacGillivray? “I do back Jenna as a person,” Grobler says. “And then initially I had great first impressions and was like ‘Okay, cut from the same cloth,’ and felt like we were going to be on the same page.”

She feels as if they might have been extra on the identical web page, however questioned if she would have had extra entry to MacGillivray if chef Adam Glick wasn’t all the time within the combine. “But I do really think Jenna’s good at her job and I think she felt a little bit caught up and then she didn’t actually get to put her best foot forward as much.”

Macy-O’Toole questioned if MacGillivray was within the galley kitchen as a lot because the present portrayed. “I’m also a sounding board for Madison [Stalker] and Madison often complains that Jenna is in the galley a bit,” Grobler says. “But as much as she is, I also feel as though you can’t really question the boss’s motives. You don’t know what they’re thinking. Maybe she’s really good at delegating. Even though she’s in there a good bit.”

And about that flirting with Paget Berry?

Macy-O’Toole shared that MacGillivray instructed him that first mate Paget Berry is a very humorous man. He additionally desires to know if Grobler actually had a factor for Berry. Grobler says the query implies she will be able to management her emotions. “You don’t look at someone and say, ‘Well, they’re in a relationship but I’m gonna fall for you anyway,” Grobler says. “There never was that kind of a moment.”

“I met Paget and Ciara [Duggan] and everyone and we all got along well enough,” she recollects. “But it all started out very friendly, superficial, new work colleague kind of chat. And then … I don’t know. It was definitely an accident. I can’t tell you how much it was an accident. He’s a lot funnier than you would expect him to be.” She provides that bodily, Berry is the stereotypically crusing yacht sort of a man.

“I didn’t expect there to be that much more,” she admits. “And then he ends up being a really funny guy with a really hilarious, inappropriate sense of humor. Same as Byron, same as Jenna, myself. You know, Parker. We initially started off as very platonic friends and then because my laundry room is literally cut in half, whenever Parker goes to his cabin or comes out. Or Ciara comes out of her cabin or whatever, everyone stops off for a bit of a chat.”

Is she pals with Berry’s girlfriend?

“Unfortunately, Paget and my banter might have been a bit more emphasized,” she explains. But what about Berry’s girlfriend Ciara Duggan? “Ciara and I have always been good,” Grobler insists. “Which is also something that’s not given much credit on the show.”

She provides she usually went to Duggan for recommendation on the laundry. “We had a really good rapport while we were on the boat,” Grobler says. She provides that Duggan employed her again they usually all nonetheless discuss.

Duggan shared a crew photograph from August the place Grobler is working alongside Duggan and one other crew member. “It’s been such a blessing to work within an amazing interior team this year. Adela you’re the most positive, encouraging and hardest working chief stew and I appreciate you so much. Georgia you’re truly one-of-a-kind. Your sense of humour keeps me sane and laughing every day and helps the long days on charter go by a little faster.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Monday nights at 9/eight c on Bravo.

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