‘Below Deck’: Was Rhylee Gerber Nervous Kate Chastain Wasn’t Going to Return After She Quit?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Kate Chastain, Rhylee Gerber, Courtney Skippon

Rhylee Gerber had been here to provide assistance to Kate Chastain from Below Deck whenever she hurried from the ship in the center of the night time. The chief stew just encountered a vicious assault from Ashton Pienaar and fled because she not thought safe.

Kate Chastain, Rhylee Gerber, Courtney Skippon
Kate Chastain, Rhylee Gerber, Courtney Skippon | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

At the full time she informed the staff she had been stopping. She put garments in a bag and informed manufacturers at hand over her passport because she ended up being done. Gerber ended up being by Chastain’s part the complete time, attempting to soothe her and encourage her to possibly communicate with Captain Lee Rosbach first. Unfortunately, Chastain ended up being therefore annoyed she simply desired down Valor and warned manufacturers to cease after her as she stormed down to the evening.

Gerber returned to share with you with Pienaar that Chastain indeed remaining. At the full time the staff performedn’t seem also concerned she will never get back, but later on wondered the way they would pull-off next charter with no main stew. Gerber, which caused Chastain final period, shared she ended up being particularly worried about a charter with no main stew.

Chastain just isn’t effortlessly changed

Although the crew states everybody is changeable, Gerber does not think that is the truth with Chastain. She informed OK Magazine she ended up being worried about dropping Chastain because she’s excellent at her job. “I was very nervous that Kate wasn’t coming back to the boat,” Gerber claims. “Because she is a huge part, an integral part, as to why it does run smoothly for the charter guests.”

Gerber adds, “She’s not easily replaced. In that, she’s very well-versed in her job and she knows the in’s and out’s of everything. And it’s not like getting another deckhand. It is a huge position.”

Also, it’s a situation that Gerber claims should incorporate plenty of value. “I think that she reached her boiling point, and rightly so,” she claims. “And she was able to get a taste of what I had been getting last season and some of this season.” From the minute Gerber stepped base on Valor, digital cameras caught Pienaar bad-mouthing her skills and temperament into the remaining portion of the staff.

She told Decider she regrets keeping right back this year. “I actually tried to tone it down a little bit with how I reacted, which I shouldn’t have done,” she admitted. “Maybe it doesn’t come across that way, but I was trying to be way calmer and I don’t think that was the right move because it made me very quiet. I cry this season and I let things get to me. I just should practice better patience but other than that, you know, I’ll still be just as vocal as I always am.” 

Gerber claims the deck staff became a ‘boys club’

Gerber noticed that Chastain additionally took on brunt of Pienaar’s angst. “And Ashton is head of the boys club,” Gerber remarked to okay. “So they’re gonna fall in line with what he thinks.”

“The problem I have with a lot of people, whether it’s on the show or in life, is that people forget they have their own thought process,” she adds. “You can have your own individual line of thought and not agree with the flow of traffic.”

While Gerber does not think deckhand Brian de Saint Pern can be greatly influenced by Pienaar, she wondered the reason why he arrived on the scene using the remark about Chastain becoming a bitch without reading it somewhere else. “Because I don’t think she was rude to him,” Gerber claims.

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