Benefits of using strawberries – Health Tips

by Jeremy Spirogis
Benefits of using strawberries

By : Kashif Chishti

There are no limits to the blessings that Allaah has created for mankind. One of these blessings is the fruit given by Almighty Allah. These fruits contain various vitamins that are very important to our health.

We see many types of fruit inside the market. One of them is the cheerful and juicy fruit strawberries. In summer, you see this fruit everywhere. It is abundant mostly in the months of April to June.

Strawberry belongs to the Rose family. You can easily grow it at home. It can also be planted in a bowl. Strawberries have been used in medicine since ancient times.

In the thirteenth century it was used in France as a medicine to improve digestion. Vegetative parts and fruit of strawberry plant are considered the best tonic for digestion. This fruit contains rich amounts of vitamin C which improves our digestion.

Mix pine apple juice 60 mg, two tablespoons of coconut milk, vanilla essence 60 grams, strawberries and ice then shake it well. A small amount of sugar can also be added to create a happy taste. Garnish with strawberries and lemons in a glass.

The sour taste in it gives strength to the heart, also gives strength to the body and produces blood. The system regulates digestion and does not allow the body to produce heavy diarrhea.

It is an excellent cure for diarrhea, also useful for intestinal inflammation. In ancient times, its leaves have also been used by people for severe joint pain.

If there are circles around our eyes, strawberry slices can be used as an alternative of cucumber. Due to the many vitamins and salts found in it, it is very beneficial to our body.

Strawberry is also important to protect our teeth. If the color of our teeth is yellow, mix the strawberries in a small amount of baking powder and allow it to remain on the teeth for seven minutes. Then brush thoroughly after a while. Repeat this process for a week.

Strawberries can also be used for skin beauty. Take six strawberries, four teaspoons of ginger flour and four drops of almond oil and make a smooth paste. Let it stay on the face and neck for about twenty minutes. This will refresh your face.

To keep skin refreshed and beautiful, mix strawberries with a little water and make a paste. Let it soak all night and wash your face in the morning. You will soon be refreshed.

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