‘Better Call Saul’: Fans See Symbolism Behind the Fish Tank, Especially When Lalo Kept Aggressively Tapping It

by Jeremy Spirogis
Lalo Salamanca

All Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul followers
know that there’s no
wasted symbolism
in both present.

Showrunners embody delicate particulars and references all through
every episode figuring out that their perceptive followers will decide up on them and
talk about at size. From oranges to indicate Kim
Wexler’s potential demise
to the Heisenberg-era graffiti on the facet of a
payphone in Better Call Saul, the whole lot has a deeper that means.

And that idea leads straight to the fish tank in Jimmy and Kim’s condo. The couple has a classy and complex dwelling apart from one curious element — there’s a big fish tank in the midst of the kitchen counter. Now followers have begun exploring the deeper that means behind their aquatic pet, particularly within the wake of Lalo’s encounter with the fish in season 5, episode 9.

[Spoiler Alert: Spoilers forward for Better Call Saul Season 5]

Lalo Salamanca
Lalo Salamanca with the goldfish | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Lalo Salamanca terrorizes Jimmy and Kim’s goldfish in “Bad
Choice Road”

The goldfish has develop into an unnoticed a part of the background
in a lot of the scenes that happen in Jimmy and Kim’s condo — at the least,
it was till Lalo
entered the frame
. The menacing cartel bigwig came visiting unannounced to confront
Jimmy about mendacity to him relating to what occurred within the desert. His presence
created one of many tensest exchanges in Better Call Saul’s historical past.

While there, Lalo tapped on the fish tank and studied the fish earlier than Jimmy half-heartedly reprimanded him, advising that the fish may develop into startled and even die from being harassed. Lalo stops tapping for a short time earlier than tapping earlier than returning to fish bullying in earnest.

The fish may symbolize so many issues

Jimmy McGill gets a fishJimmy McGill gets a fish
Jimmy McGill will get a goldfish | Michele Okay. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

In season 3, Jimmy bought the fish as an alibi for visiting the shady vet Caldera who helped him rent Huell as an expert pickpocket. But somewhat than simply flushing it down the bathroom when his functions concluded, Jimmy selected to arrange the tank to feed and take care of the fish. Even as circumstances modified, the fish got here to symbolize Jimmy’s grasp on the extra harmless features of his persona. In that approach, it may symbolize his conscience.

And now Lalo confirmed as much as shake up that piece of Jimmy, which he had been conserving secret and hidden at dwelling. It’s virtually like Lalo is conveying that nothing — not even his pet goldfish — is secure.

 What will occur to Jimmy
— and the fish?

It’s apparent primarily based on the unusual placement of the tank that
present administrators need you to note the fish. But if it’s that vital, what’s
going to occur to it?

There’s an opportunity that Lalo’s aggression will later kill the goldfish, which might symbolize the identical approach his presence has killed the sense of safety Jimmy and Kim share of their dwelling. Or, followers speculate Jimmy would possibly dump the fish within the tank on the nail salon earlier than he will get his personal regulation workplace within the strip mall, which might be like leaving that harmless a part of himself behind to totally develop into Saul Goodman.

The fish would possibly seem to be a small element within the bigger story. But as any Better Call Saul fan will inform you, there aren’t any coincidences and no throwaway scenes. We haven’t seen the final of that goldfish but.

Catch the season 5 finale of Better Call Saul on Monday,
April 20 at 9 p.m. ET.

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