‘Better Call Saul’ Theme Song Has a Hidden ‘Breaking Bad’ Reference

by Jeremy Spirogis
Better Call Saul cast

Breaking Bad was arguably top-of-the-line reveals of the last decade, and now, the spinoff, Better Call Saul is taking viewers by storm. Some say it’s even higher than it’s predecessor. But the AMC crime drama hasn’t forgotten its roots. In reality, Better Call Saul honors it’s Breaking Bad roots with a hidden reference within the theme music. 

What is ‘Better Call Saul’?

Better Call Saul cast
Better Call Saul | James Minchin/AMC

Viewers have been launched to the slick, prison lawyer Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. Although he was a aspect character, followers cherished him. And when the sequence ended, Goodman was somebody who wouldn’t be forgotten. 

Better Call Saul was launched in 2015, as a by-product that focuses on the character. The present follows his growth from a con-artist named Jimmy McGill into the high-profile prison lawyer often known as Saul Goodman. His identify is a play on the phrase “It’s all good, man,” which means that he’ll clear up any drawback for his harmful, cartel shoppers. 

The first season begins whereas Goodman is working as a public defender out of the backroom of a nail salon.  He shortly is available in contact with drug-dealer, Nacho Varga, who finally leads him into business with Gus Fring, the cartel kingpin identified from Breaking Bad

Viewers love Better Call Saul a lot, that it was made one in every of TV Guide’s 100 Best Shows on TV Right Now for 2020. Some are even saying that the spin-off is best than it’s predecessor as a result of it’s the story behind the story.

Showrunner, Peter Gould defined to TV Guide why it’s captured so many followers. “Our theory was that how things happen is even more interesting than what happens,” he stated. “You can synopsize anybody’s life by saying, ‘She was born, and then she died.’ But it’s the experience of it.”

‘Breaking Bad’ creators wished extra Saul Goodman

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Out of all of the characters in Breaking Bad, Goodman was the proper one to deal with for a by-product. Viewers bought a kick out of his quirky, slick character. But possibly much more essential, the present’s creators and writers had a blast making up his traces, and so they wished extra of him.

Vince Gilligan, Better Call Saul’s creator, defined to Uproxx how the thought was born. “It started as a joke. It really did,” he stated. “…I love working with Bob [Odenkirk, who plays Goodman]… But we also loved the character. We love writing for the character. We love putting words in his mouth.”

Gilligan continued, “…We’d come up with some great term or phrase and we’d laugh about it in the writer’s room. And then we’d say, ‘You know, when we’re doing the Saul Goodman show we’ll be able to blah, blah, blah, blah.’ And we made that comment so many times that it started to dawn on us that it wasn’t a [joke]; there was truth to it. It was not just a joke, but a potentially good idea.”

So, Better Call Saul was created as a result of the writers simply had a lot extra for him to say. Luckily, viewers agree. 

‘Better Call Saul’ has a hidden ‘Breaking Bad’ reference within the theme music

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Breaking Bad followers are accustomed to the extreme, dobro guitar-centered theme music which performs at first of each episode. It units the temper for the present. So, when engaged on the spin-off, the present’s creators wished to pay homage to Goodman’s roots. 

According to Mental Floss, musical composer, Dave Porter took the identical notes from Breaking Bad‘s theme music and remixed it into one thing extra surf rock, to higher match the temper of Better Call Saul.  The similarities aren’t instantly obvious, but when viewers pay attention carefully, they’ll decide up the acquainted cords. 

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