Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver and Litecoin’s Charlie Lee fight-off: Lightning Network

by Patrick Gon

Over 18 months ago on the Blockchain Cruise, in a very friendly form, the Bitcoin Cash paladin Roger Ver and the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee made a bet regarding the incidence of the use of Lightning Network and what would have been the most used form of payment in stores, whether LN or BCH.

The bet, precisely, was that according to Charlie Lee, at the end of 2019 Lightning Network would have been supported by over 1000 stores, which has not happened at present.

At the time, in September 2018, the debate between the two concerned in fact some highlights including the reliability of Lightning Network and the number of stores that accepted this method of payment.

Well after some time from the bet we see that, in light of what we can also learn from various graphic designers , less than 400 stores accept LN and many are not physical stores but online and often only gambling services.

Furthermore, it certainly does not help to know that there are more Bitcoins in Ethereum than in LN , given that DeFi is allowing – through various projects – to make crosschain tokens, as for example with the pToken and WBTC.

In the meantime, however, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is accepted almost all over the world with over 4300 physical stores, leaving all those online: it is almost 1000% more than what has been done so far by LN.

Now all that remains is to wait for the video of Charlie Lee wearing the Bitcoin Cash shirt in which he promotes this blockchain and see if he will keep the word given 18 months ago, given that he has lost the bet with Roger Ver.

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