‘Blue Bloods’: Fans Say This Character’s Childish Behavior is Intolerable

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Reagan family at dinner on Blue Bloods

Every tv show has actually a personality that everybody likes to hate, as well as on Blue Bloods, it is Danny Reagan. Once a fan preferred, their continued intense behavior, along with their continual rule-breaking, is just starting to scrub followers the wrong manner. 

Fans took to Reddit to blast Danny’s personality under a post called “Danny the Child.” Here’s the reason why some followers tend to be completely fed up, and just why other individuals believe it’s all section of Danny’s character arc.

The Reagan family at dinner on Blue Bloods
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Danny’s background

According to Fandom, Danny Reagan, played by previous New Kids regarding the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg, may be the oldest child of Frank Reagan. He is a veteran and a detective when it comes to NYPD, and it is among the many Reagans that is associated with law administration. 

As a child, Danny toyed using the concept of getting a fireman, but their grandfather swore that no Reagan would previously get in on the New York City Fire Department, and wouldn’t also enable their grandson to put on a fireman outfit for Halloween. 

So Danny performed just what every Reagan does, that will be get in on the NYPD. He worked their way up through the ranks until he joined up with the Major Crimes department.

Over the years, he’s got shown a penchant to be excessively intense towards suspects. He when moved as far as to put on a suspect throughout the side of a building, and threatened to allow him fall in the event that suspect performedn’t ‘come clean.’

While Danny happens to be suspended many times during the period of the tv show, he even offers among the greatest collar prices of every investigator in the precinct. While this can be adequate for their superiors to justify maintaining him around, followers aren’t very therefore flexible.

Fan responses to Danny’s behavior

It’s a toss-up as to whether Danny’s intense behavior or their whining annoys fans more. 

One fan published, “Is anyone else tired of Danny getting all bent out of shape any time the law inconveniently gets in the way of shit he wants to do? You’d think that anyone who’d been on the job more than 6 months would know more than he does about getting warrants, arresting for no reason, stuff cops do daily! Allow his role to grow up or he’ll end up more hated than his niece.”

Many fans conformed with this particular belief. Another included that Danny blowing up each and every time he’s instructed to try out because of the guidelines is really typical regarding the tv show they could produce a meme, and just replay it every event.

Fans which love Danny

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Not everybody dislikes Danny getting intense with suspects, specially followers just who hate Jamie. As one lover stated on Reddit, Jamie is a saint who every little thing because of the guide. Danny may be the perfect comparison to the, and it also adds another level into the crisis that produces Blue Bloods so excellent.

Pop Culture television highlights one event in specific that had both the brothers and fans pitted against one another. It included a hostage crisis where Danny yet again made a decision to dismiss the guidelines and do things his very own method. Only this time around, Jamie had been their superior officer. 

Things got beyond control, and never also their particular dad Frank Reagan could easily get the young men to fall lined up and acquire along. 

Many fans had been pleased using the household crisis, and believed that Danny had suitable concept. His neglect for the principles wound up conserving life, while Jamie had been also hectic attempting to play great. The Reagan household just who got drawn to the matter thought that both brothers acted precisely in certain places, and incorrect in other individuals. 

Many fans seem to have the in an identical way and will observe Danny’s actions have actually excellent results just because he goes about this within the incorrect way. 

So will Danny grow up and figure out how to get warrants before he thrashes an uncontrollable suspect? Probably perhaps not, but followers will nevertheless stay tuned to see just what he does next.

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