Bobby Berk From ‘Queer Eye’ Reveals His Secret to Uncovering the Ultimate Design Style

by Jeremy Spirogis
Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk

How does Bobby Berk from Netflix’s Queer Eye all the time hit the mark relating to uncovering an individual’s design fashion? Home design is critically private, however Berk all the time meets however exceeds his shopper’s expectations. 

Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk
Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk | Matt Winkelmeyer/VF20/WireImage

Berk advised Showbiz Cheat Sheet he goes by means of a course of to study his shoppers, particularly the heroes featured on the present. He doesn’t need producers to present him greater than the fundamental particulars a few shopper on the present as a result of he finds attending to know them himself is the perfect pathway to design. 

“I learned very quickly to ask about things like what their favorite movie is, their favorite show, their dream vacation,” he says. “Even their favorite article of clothing. And that’s how I get kind of get a window to their soul about what they want in their home. You can take, for example, the episode with Remy. He had inherited his grandmother’s home, perfect for grandma when she was there but not for a 27-year-old bachelor.”

“I by no means requested him about design. I requested him what his favourite present was, which was Mad Men,” Berk recollects. “What his favourite trip was, which was Cuba. So I’m like, Those guys undoubtedly like mid-century fashionable.’ Cuba is caught within the ’50s. Mad Men is within the ’50s. So I did mid-century furnishings with a Cuban aptitude. And he was like ‘How did you do this?’ But I mentioned, ‘I asked you what you like from life.’” 

Bobby Berk dishes about how a lot producers actually inform them 

Berk says he and the remainder of the Fab Five insist on solely getting the fundamental details about their heroes. They choose to study their topic by means of their very own exploration. The staff is all the time seen driving to the brand new hero’s dwelling whereas they overview a fundamental profile. 

Berk says he will get a little bit extra data than the remainder of the fellows as a result of he must know room and house dimensions. “But as far as other information, like about them, that is all the information we get,” he says. “There have been a few episodes in the past where they give us a little more information, but we actually didn’t like that.” 

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“After two episodes we were like, ‘You know what, actually, let’s go back to the way we did it before,” he recollects. “We don’t get any information except what our viewers hear. Because we found if we got more information before, we didn’t do as much digging ourselves. We didn’t ask as many questions in the beginning ourselves.”

“So we like to know really as little about the heroes as possible before we go in,” he continues. “Because we actually need the dialog that we’re having with them is the place we’re discovering out what’s occurring with them and the problems they’ve. We need it to be legit and we would like it to be actual. And we would like our heroes to know we’re legitimately studying about them and being inquisitive. 

Berk reveals his favourite filming location to date 

“I mean we’d love to film in Texas and when I say that I mean we’d love to finish season 6,” Berk laughs. He confirms that season 6 manufacturing continues to be on pause. 

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While he beloved filming in Japan, Berk says he actually loved filming in Kansas City, Missouri.

“Here in the states was Kansas City,” he says. “Kansas City was really great. It’s not that every city we’ve filmed in hasn’t been really great, but Kansas City was super welcoming. Anything we need. The mayor created little videos that he sent to all of us. And the fact that there is really no traffic in Kansas City.” 

He says design may be easy and enjoyable

Berks shares that design fashion doesn’t need to be complicated. He not too long ago partnered with Oui by Yoplait’s Limited-Edition Heritage Collection to make it straightforward so as to add French-inspired touches to your house. He created a enjoyable venture you are able to do at dwelling throughout quarantine and can host a tutorial on his Instagram on Bastille Day, July 14.

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Crafters can learn to a dangling planter utilizing glass pots from Oui’s Heritage Collection. “There are three different designs on the jar that can hold the succulent planters,” he shares. “And it comes with a cool macrame rope hanger. It’s just a really great, fun series to give everyone something to do while we’re all stuck at home.”

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