‘Bob’s Burgers’: Tina Tries to Take Things Too Far

by Jeremy Spirogis

Would a Belcher ever take issues too far in an try to be excellent? Why sure, simply ask Bob on Thanksgiving. In “A Fish Called Tina,” it’s Tina who fully loses it in Bob’s Burgers whereas making an attempt to be excellent.

[Spoiler Alert: This article comprises spoilers for the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers.]

Bob's Burgers
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Tina turns into a giant fish in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

The foremost plot of the Bob’s Burgers episode facilities across the huge fish/little fish program at Wagstaff School. Every yr, eighth graders get to mentor college students within the fourth grade. Tina beloved her huge fish years in the past, and may’t wait to be a giant fish herself.

Louise in the meantime, will get assigned Tammy as her huge fish. Because the 2 don’t wish to be there, they expertly trick Mr. Frond into letting them go away. Regular Sized Rudy and Zeke are paired up, Jimmy Jr. is matched with a child named Arnold, and Jocelyn is paired up with Louise’s classmate Harley.

Tina is paired up with a fourth grader named Kaylee. From the beginning, Tina is overenthusiastic, and smothers the hesitant Kaylee with consideration. Kaylee’s apathy about Tina solely causes Tina to spiral extra. When Kaylee asks to be reassigned and turns into Zeke’s little fish, Tina is paired with Regular Sized Rudy.

Bob and Linda be a part of a health club

In the facet plot of the Bob’s Burgers episode, a health club strikes in subsequent door. Linda and Bob resolve to present it a attempt. The two love figuring out, and their good moods final by dinner.

The subsequent morning, the 2 of them get up, fully unable to maneuver. They are so sore from the health club it’s almost unattainable to get down the steps. They resolve to stop the health club, however are advised they can’t cancel their contracts.

So, Bob and Linda present as much as the health club with Teddy and do their finest to be annoying to different potential prospects. They are so annoying, the health club proprietor agrees to tear up their contracts.

Louise steps up in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

As common viewers know, Bob’s Burgers is actually all about household. The Belchers wholeheartedly love one another, and episodes normally finish with the household coming collectively. Before getting round to serving to Tina, Louise places apart her feud with Tammy and helps the eighth grader trick her cousin that she is on a visit within the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, Tina nonetheless struggles being a giant fish. It seems Regular Sized Rudy desires to return to being partnered with Zeke. So Zeke has Kaylee and Regular Sized Rudy as little fish and Tina has nobody.

She confides in her previous huge fish Madison from years earlier than, and Madison tells her that she will’t pressure every part. Tina doesn’t hear, and plans an elaborate ruse to try to win Kaylee over. It backfires, and ends with Tina lined in chili and soda.

This is when Louise steps up, actually. She stands up in entrance of all of the eighth graders, fourth graders, and Gene pretending to be an eighth grader. Louise tells the scholars that Tina has been an amazing huge fish for her for his or her total lives. It doesn’t matter if Kaylee doesn’t click on along with her; it’s her loss.

The speech works as a distraction that lets Tina go away the room with out letting everybody else understand she spilled chili and soda on herself. It additionally demonstrates as soon as once more how nice the Belcher household is.

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