Brazil: So many individuals lacking as a consequence of torrential rains and floods

by Jeremy Spirogis
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In the final two days, at the very least 30 individuals died as a consequence of torrential rains, floods and landslides within the south-eastern area of Brazil. Torrential rains and flooding within the Minas Gerais province of Brazil have left 17 individuals lacking and 2600 individuals have been evacuated to safer locations.

The Meteorological Department has predicted extra rain within the province of Minas Gerais in addition to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Minas Gerais Province Governor Romu Jema carried out an aerial survey of the affected areas on Sunday.

The loss of life of 30 from the torrential rain was introduced on the day when the individuals of the province have been celebrating the primary anniversary of the mining dam's accident. <! –

                 230 individuals died in a dam accident.

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