‘Breaking Bad’: Bryan Cranston’s Walter White’s Creepiest Trait Is One Many Serial Killers Have

by Jeremy Spirogis
Bryan Cranston as Walter White

Psychoanalyzing Walter White from Breaking Bad may sound like digging into the darkest reaches of the legal thoughts. In fact, Walt — portrayed by Bryan Cranston — appears tame if having to research different legal characters on TV, particularly ones deemed serial killers.

After followers dug somewhat deeper into Walt’s traits, extra have come to the conclusion he had a little bit of a serial killer mindset. This makes the Breaking Bad protagonist much more advanced contemplating the sympathy he generated on account of his well being circumstances. Also, it is perhaps argued he killed solely as a result of he was dragged into it.

What is it that Walt did that makes him much like a few of the most infamous serial killers in historical past? It may give a completely darker view of Walt in spite of everything.

Walter White took a trophy from every of his victims

Bryan Cranston as Walter White
Bryan Cranston as Walter White on ‘Breaking Bad.’ | AMC

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Media analysts have given current examples of how Walt took little traits from every individual he killed alongside his journey into the underworld of meth manufacturing. Yes, lots of the individuals he killed labored within the drug commerce. Nevertheless, a few of them had households, making the killings main emotional burdens for Walt.

One of his first victims was his meth distributor: Krazy-8, or Domingo Gallardo Molina (performed by Maximino Arciniega). When Walt killed him, it was after the previous stored latter locked in a basement after being double-crossed. Just as Walt was going to let Domingo go, it was seen that latter was going to kill Walt with a plate shard.

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As a result, Walt ended up strangling Domingo to dying. Walt didn’t take this motion nicely as seen when he broke down into tears and apologized to a useless Domingo for killing him.

Following this, Walt may very well be seen taking an odd trait from Domingo: Cutting the crusts off bread when making sandwiches. This was solely the start of the “trophies” Walt took from every of his victims.

What different traits did Walter White take from these he got rid of?

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BuzzFeed compiled a listing again in 2013 of each sufferer at Walt’s hand. Some traits Walt picks up from every sufferer are a bit eerie. It was like he assimilated somewhat a part of their lives to provide him emotional catharsis within the actions he took.

Walt’s oblique killing of Gus Fring introduced one thing much more tangible within the reminiscence of Gus. During Season 5, Walt was seen driving a Volvo, similar to Gus did.

Other quite a few Gus-related issues had been seen being acquired by Walt. There was the scene of Walt inserting a towel below his knees when vomiting (like Gus), not together with enjoying the function of innocent automobile wash supervisor like Gus was.

Also, nobody ought to overlook about Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) and the trophies Walt took from him. Not solely does Walt begin utilizing Mike’s lingo after killing him, however the former can be seen placing ice in his whiskey like Mike all the time requested.

Was Walt taking these trophies based mostly on actual serial killers?

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Some may discover it laborious to take that Walt had acquired numerous serial killer traits because the sequence progressed. Much more dialogue may very well be broached about this, but it definitely mirrors real-life circumstances.

Numerous horrific serial killers in U.S. historical past had comparable conditions. Some of them are past brutal and may simply make you sick upon studying them. One of the worst is Ted Bundy chopping the heads off his victims and placing them on show in his house.

Others had been arguably worse, if additionally conserving bodily gadgets. A British serial killer named John George Haigh stored a canine belonging to considered one of his victims.

No doubt Vince Gilligan borrowed from these to make Walt inside the similar wheelhouse, albeit extra inside traits. If one can nonetheless discover room for sympathy with Walt, that is doubtless not the top of the story in analyzing his psychological state and what he actually felt below the outside.

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