‘Breaking Bad’: Giancarlo Esposito’s Favorite Gus Fring Scene on the Series Has No Words at All

by Jeremy Spirogis
Gus Fring Better Call Saul

Gus Fring is probably the most infamous villain on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He’s not the largest or the strongest, but Fring’s crafty nature permits him to outsmart his opponents at each flip. Gus turns into the drug kingpin of the Southwest by hiding in plain sight, making pals of enemies and by no means letting anybody see his true feelings.

Walter White finally manages to homicide Gus Fring in an explosive spectacle. But earlier than he does, the tremendous villain provides a unprecedented efficiency which earned Giancarlo Esposito a number of Emmy nods for Best Supporting Actor.

Gus Fring leads with intimidation on ‘Breaking Bad’

Gus Fring Better Call Saul
Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Walter White progressively works his method up the chain of command in his quest to fabricate high-quality meth till he confronts the person in cost: Gus Fring. Fring is charismatic and charming, an area business proprietor operating a series of profitable quick meals eating places in Albuquerque. He’s a frequent donor to and supporter of native legislation enforcement. No one would have guessed Fring was secretly operating an underground meth lab.

Meticulous Fring distrusts Walt from the beginning and doesn’t wish to work with him. He reluctantly provides in after realizing the wonderful high quality of the product Walt and Jesse are producing. But whilst he brings the pair into the fold, he’s plotting to exchange Walt with a chemist he can management.

Giancarlo Esposito recollects his favourite ‘Breaking Bad’ scene

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There are so many legendary Gus Fring scenes on Breaking Bad. But when it got here to choosing his favourite, Esposito selected one the place the character conveyed his power by means of silence.

The scene was in season 4, episode 1, “Box Cutter.” In it, Fring should cope with the aftermath of Jesse capturing Gale, who was speculated to be Walt’s substitute. He’s livid with the pair however is aware of he wants them. Fring confronts Walt and Jesse on the meth lab and doesn’t communicate one phrase.

“Much of acting is to be able to say without words, and in ‘Box Cutter’ I certainly had that opportunity,” Esposito instructed Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s almost 10 minutes without saying anything. I always equate that to Harold Pinter — who I love — and how Pinter wrote in ‘Pinter pauses’ — very, very long pauses where no one said anything and characters are just looking at each other on stage or doing something physically with nothing said. In that silence of vocality, there is so much being said.”

Fring reasserts his energy by killing Victor on ‘Box Cutter’

Gus Fring and Walter WhiteGus Fring and Walter White
Gus Fring and Walter White | Ursula Coyote/AMC

Though Fring can’t kill Walt and Jesse, he does present them a glimpse of his vengeance by rapidly turning round and slitting his righthand man Victor’s throat after the prolonged silent scene. Then, he leaves Victor’s physique on the ground, anticipating the duo to eliminate it themselves. The shock homicide sends a transparent message about who’s in cost.

By the top of season 4, Walter White lastly manages to outsmart his boss by rigging an explosive system to Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair and utilizing him as a suicide bomber. By doing so, he was exploiting the one weak point Fring had: the incessant want for revenge.

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