‘Breaking Bad’: Some Fans Hated the Salamanca Twin Villains, Calling The Cousins ‘Unrealistic’ and ‘Goofy’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Breaking Bad Salamanca Cousins

There are loads of villains in Breaking Bad and never certainly one of them is like the opposite. From the terrifyingly calm Gus Fring to the collection antihero, Walter White, each dangerous man on the present has components of each good and evil.

And two of probably the most murderous, unapologetic killers on Breaking Bad are merely referred to as, “The Cousins.” These twin brothers are identified for his or her menacing seems to be, their brutal homicide strategies, and the best way they by no means converse any phrases.

Still, some followers of the collection assume The Cousins are so dramatic that it detracts from the storyline. Is it potential that they’re simply too evil to be plausible?

Who are the Salamanca cousins on ‘Breaking Bad’?

Breaking Bad Salamanca Cousins
Daniel Moncada as Leonel Salamanca, Luis Moncada as Marco Salamanca | Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures

Unsurprisingly, The Cousins are a part of the Salamanca drug cartel, which explains their propensity for murderous rampages. These twin brothers are named Leonel and Marco Salamanca and are nephews of Don Hector Salamanca, the previous senior member of the Juárez Cartel.

The twins grew to become fiercely dedicated to the household — and the household drug business — from childhood beneath the tutelage of their Uncle Hector. As adults, they work as enforcers for the cartel and are sometimes referred to as upon to homicide anybody who will get in the best way. However, they appear surprisingly type to harmless residents.

They’re identified for sporting fits and cowboy boots tipped with silver skulls, Breaking Bad Wiki reported. The Salamanca twins additionally worship the Mexican deity of loss of life Santa Muerte and supply choices earlier than finishing up assassinations.

Some followers assume ‘The Cousins’ are too intense

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Breaking Bad is hailed for being a practical present regardless of loads of unbelievable conditions. But some Redditors introduced up how the Salamanca twins are so over-the-top menacing that they’re nearly comical.

“I hate the twins. They’re so damn unrealistic. I know, this show isn’t meant to be lifelike but those characters are straight out of a sh*tty horror movie. It really kills the immersion at times,” one Reddit person wrote.

“It does come off as a bit cartoonish at times for a show that seems to try to be fairly grounded in reality,” one other agreed.

“They try to be so serious but they just come off as goofy,” stated a 3rd.

Other commenters identified how real-life cartel members are sometimes extraordinarily violent in actual life. But total, most agree the Salamanca twins will not be probably the most life like or horrifying villains on the present.

The Cousins don’t survive on ‘Breaking Bad’

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Ultimately, the dual Salamanca brothers don’t survive the Breaking Bad collection finale.

During an try and kill DEA agent and Walter White’s brother-in-law Hank Schrader, Marco will get shot within the head and dies immediately. The two are often expert killers who don’t miss their mark. But Hank receives a telephone name seconds earlier than they ambush him, warning him of the assault.

Meanwhile, Leonel will get his legs crushed by Hank’s automotive and has to have them amputated. Later, Gus Fring’s worker Mike Ehrmantraut arrives on the hospital and kills Leonel through poisoning.

Even if not all followers believed that the Salamanca twins are life like, their silent, menacing demeanors and talent to kill their targets in ugly methods make them two of probably the most excessive villains within the Breaking Bad universe.

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