‘Breaking Bad’: The Most Prolific Killer Wasn’t Walter White or Gus Fring — it Was Jane’s Dad, Donald Margolis

by Jeremy Spirogis
Donald Margolis played by John De Lancie

Though it wasn’t very gory, Breaking Bad was an undeniably violent present with loads of murders. From Gus Fring getting blown up with a pipe bomb rigged to a wheelchair to Walter White taking down a complete compound of white supremacists utilizing a machine gun hidden within the trunk of a automotive, quite a lot of characters died on the present.

Most of the primary characters have blood
on their hands
. Even essentially the most ethical of the drug sellers, Jesse Pinkman,
pulled the set off that killed Gale Boetticher. But with regards to the Breaking
character who killed
the most people
on the present, it wasn’t Heisenberg or Gus Fring or Mike. It
was Jane’s dad, Donald Margolis.

Donald Margolis played by John De Lancie
Donald Margolis performed by John De Lancie |Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Who was Donald Margolis on ‘Breaking Bad’?

Back in season 2, Jesse rents a duplex subsequent door to Jane Margolis, a recovering addict. The two strike up a relationship and ultimately begin utilizing medicine collectively. But Jane’s father, Donald Margolis (John De Lancie), is the owner of the constructing and loves his daughter deeply. He can’t stand to see his daughter falling again on previous habits and assaults Jesse.

Later, Donald goes to a bar and begins speaking to a stranger there — solely we understand it’s Walter White, Jesse’s accomplice in crime. Their dialog convinces Walt to go to Jesse’s home to forcibly cease him from utilizing medicine. While there, Walt witnesses Jane choking on her personal vomit in her sleep and decides to let her die fairly than assist her.

He does this to do away with her as an affect on Jesse to allow them to return to cooking meth collectively.

Jesse Pinkman, Jane Margolis, and Walter WhiteJesse Pinkman, Jane Margolis, and Walter White
Jesse Pinkman, Jane Margolis, and Walter White | Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Jane’s father Donald causes 167 individuals to die

Donald is an air visitors controller by occupation. After his daughter’s loss of life, he’s understandably distraught however goes to work anyway. While there he has a panic assault and makes a severe mistake, inflicting a 737 aircraft to collide with one other aircraft within the air. News stories verify that each one 167 passengers on Wayfarer 515 died.

Walt is aware of that he not directly brought about the aircraft crash by
letting Jane die, however in the end it was Donald’s resolution to return to work so
rapidly after the traumatic occasion. Because of his resolution, he brought about extra deaths
on the present than Walter White and Gus Fring mixed.

In season 3, we study that Donald will get rushed to the hospital
due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, however we don’t discover out if he
in the end lives or dies.

Who killed extra individuals, Gus or Walt?

Gus Fring and Walter WhiteGus Fring and Walter White
Gus Fring and Walter White | Ursula Coyote/AMC

The Breaking
Bad Wiki page
attributes 201 deaths to Walter White, however they depend the
aircraft crash victims as being his fault, which is a little bit of a stretch. Without
the casualties of Wayfarer 515 included, Walt was chargeable for the direct or
oblique killing of 34 individuals.

Meanwhile, Gus Fring’s whole homicide tally is 27. It’s no shock
that Walt killed extra individuals — he’s the one who ultimately took down Gus with
that wheelchair bomb. But as Mike so properly stated, “Just since you shot Jesse
James, don’t make you Jesse James.”

Walt was by no means as crafty or managed as Gus and
ultimately, his meth empire fell aside too.

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