‘Breaking Bad’: Walter White Wearing Beige Has More Meaning Than Fans Realize

by Jeremy Spirogis
Walter White

There’s a traditional scene in Breaking Bad when Skyler and Walter White present as much as a celebration hosted by their billionaire pals, Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz. The couple wears what they take into account “rich people party clothes” — Walt in a darkish blue double-breasted go well with and Skyler in a blue taffeta robe. To their horror, everybody else on the social gathering is casually wearing beige.

“Jesus, guess we didn’t get the ‘beige’ memo,” Skyler says
to Walt. He deflects, saying they appear high-quality. “It seems like I’m carrying a promenade
costume from 1985,” she retorts.

This small second is greater than only a humorous interplay between Walt and the world he nearly inhabited. Like most scenes on Breaking Bad, it conveys deeper which means in regards to the characters by using shade. And this time, it’s beige.

Walter White all the time wears beige on ‘Breaking Bad’

Walter White
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) | Gregory Peters/AMC

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He might have donned a elaborate go well with for Elliot’s social gathering, however earlier than
the occasion and after Walt wears beige on a regular basis. Show critics at Screen Crush have
narrowed down that beige is the colour of normalcy on the present. As Walt goes deeper
and deeper into the drug world, he wears beige much less and fewer, symbolizing the
transition of his inside motivations in an exterior approach.

At the social gathering, Elliot wears a beige sweater over a white
shirt, which helps to indicate inside purity. Some followers consider the Schwartzes
as being villains just because they’ve some huge cash. But Elliot actually
desires to assist his friend Walt, which is why he offers
him a job
throughout season 1 episode 5 on the party.

Unfortunately, Walt’s pleasure is simply too massive to just accept what he considers

Beige outfits made Walt look boring on goal

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Showrunner Vince Gilligan needed Walt to be a bland, beige character, which is why he gave him that title and wardrobe within the first season of Breaking Bad. As Gilligan famously mentioned, he needed to show, “Mr. Chips into Scarface.” 

One approach he achieved that’s by making Walt an everyman who
may very well be anybody. The title Walter White was alliterative so it was memorable however
additionally conveyed a boringness. “White is the color of vanilla, of blandness,” the
sequence creator defined of the title selection.

And for Walter White’s boring wardrobe, he used that
signature shade of beige to precise how humdrum Walt’s life was to start with.
He instructed GQ,
“For occasion within the pilot, it was intentional that Walt begin off very beige
and khaki-ish, very milquetoast, and he would progress by that one hour of
tv to inexperienced and thus present his means of evolution as a personality.”

Walt doesn’t absolutely lose his beige id

Though Walt’s clothes selections change into darker as he embraces his Heisenberg persona, there are flashes of beige to point out he nonetheless retains a few of his authentic blandness. For instance, Walt and Skyler put on beige on the automotive wash after he decides to surrender the meth business, indicating what may very well be if he stop ceaselessly.

Walt additionally wears beige when confronting Hank about placing a
GPS tracker on his automotive, however he’s carrying it with brown and sky blue, indicating
an inside battle that manifests in a number of colours.

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